Cactus – LED Watch Design With Analog Pointers

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The Cactus is an LED watch design, but it has a clever feature. When the lights illuminate to display the time, they point in the direction of the hour, group of 10 minutes and single minute enabling time reading to be that much easier whilst at the same time giving you a truly original and artistic watch design.The design is presumably called “The Cactus” because the time indicators are like the spines of a cactus. These are LEDs behind the smoked black lens and light up in three steps, first for hours, positioned from top left to bottom right, then for 10 minute groups, then single minutes.

We love the way the strap is designed in pointed sections giving the appearance of cactus spines too – very creative!


11 thoughts on “Cactus – LED Watch Design With Analog Pointers

  1. I like this one because: no calculating, “just” reading. And this reading is tricky enough to look strange, but easy enough to read it in some seconds. The display looks so empty though. Such a big flat case but only one little thorn shown at once. Still imaginable for the shop 🙂


  2. I don’t have any idea how you do it, but your designs are getting better and better.
    You seem to never run out of ideas and the audacity in your work is clearly visible.
    All of your watches have given a new meaning to the word “watch” and this one is no exception.
    All I can say is: Congratulations!
    This is one of my favorites. The case looks awesome, the colors are harmonizing and it’s really easy to read the display.
    I want one of these, NOW!


  3. Sorry, that’s way too boring to me. And too ugly (I dont like triangles used in such a bad way). The background idea is interesting, that’s what I like. But “best design of yours” ? Are you f*cking kidding me? “Better and better” ? Laszlo had brilliant watches but many of them are just ok and this one is not overwhelming at all. My view, can’t help it. 4.6? forget it!


  4. Wearing this in sunlight would give me a headache. The shiny strap would reflect light and the small triangle would be difficult to “read.” The minutes and hours should follow the RYG pattern. Making the LED screen have more variation would be nice.


  5. wow! i love it! i took me a second because i was like “oh no! i’m DEFINITELY nt gonna remember those positions.” but then i realized they were in rows of three, 5!


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