1440 An E-Paper Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “I wanted to make a single handed analog watch with 24h display. That’s not brand-new? That’s right. But this watch shows each minute as clear as if it is a traditional analog watch display.

To achieve this, I planned an e-paper dial which stretches where the watch hand is. On the opposite side it compresses itself. The display changes to negative at 6pm (18h) and turns back to positive at 6am. That was inspired by sundials, which can show time only between sunrise and sunset. An e-paper display can show anyting you want, so you can change the time and date modes as well as the time, when the display is positive and negative. For dark times, there is a ring of light in the same color as the watch hand. There are 1440 minutes each day, that’s why I named the watch 1440.

I chose a rather neutral case and straps and a rational display. I think the adaptive diplays is outstanding enough. The time reading is like a mix of traditional analog watch and a ruler. Each hour has got it’s value marked by a number. Each half hour became a dot to quicker find it. Ten and five minute steps are marked by longer lines.

If you like to read a watch at a glance, this easy to read watch is for you.Β On the first glance, it looks pretty traditional. But when you look closer, you realize, it is something you never saw before. Using the variability of e-paper instead of diplaying rigid numbers again and again is brand-new.”



26 thoughts on “1440 An E-Paper Analog Watch Design

  1. This is f_cking great! A serious looking watch with a brilliant innovative display! I’m not sure if toykoflash can handle this masterpiece… I hope so! 5*/YES


  2. Wow! I haven’t commented on a watch since the 7R0N watch I am still waiting on Tokyoflash to produce. This one is actually distinquished and “not geeky”. I like it!

    On second thought, I wonder… Is this really doable and sellable for a reasonable price? The resolution required for an “e-paper” display of less than 2 inches across required to drive this watch makes me think not. Phones are bragging of 4″ displays with a resolution of 800×600. I’m estimating you need AT LEAST a 320×320 OR MORE of display resolution to make all the lines look straight like the renderings, even with anti-aliasing and all. What is the cost of an e-display less than 2″ wide with a resolution and grey-scale color depth high enough to make this display look professional?


    • Really good questions!

      I have no idea, how expensive a small e-paper display is. But there are e-paper watches out there and they are affordable I think… They use as much space as I do here, but not innovatively. The resolution of average e-books is 200dpi. I think 200dpi with an 8bit grey-scale look good. Oh yes, the renderings are idealistic. One wouldn’t need to zoom-in that heavily, how I did in the last two images. The first image on this page – the display is 150 pixels across. Could be sharper… The third image (the one after the video) has a display of about 320 pixels across, that’s way enough.

      Thanks alot for your technical input! And also for your impression πŸ˜€


  3. Quite an interesting idea!

    But I also thought the same as Renderinfo. The resolution could get a problem…


    Sam, could you help me on rendering something? xP I don’t even care if you say it’s your idea I just want to see how it gets rated, but I’m just too stupid (and lazy?) to learn making 3D-Stuff… And without that you seem to have no chance here πŸ˜›


    • Thank you! I made a comment about the resolution above. Yeah it’s a tricky point, as necessary too. But I think that little hurdle is worth to be jumped.

      OOTcont: As much as I like to help, I have to decline for now. I already stress my schedule with my creating “escapades”. If you like to allow me a view anyway, samukun@gmx.de is the place to send. And I wouldn’t say, it’s my idea, hehehe. It would at least be your design – a 50/50 collaboration at maximum.


  4. I must say, this is my favorite E-ink design I’ve yet seen. I’m happy to vote 5/y! the extreme closeup is boss!


    • Thanks Cory! I built this whole thing, so I wanna have fun πŸ™‚ I will show close-ups from every watch I’ll make.


  5. there have been a number of interesting designs popping up on the blog but this i a truly innovative design.
    i very much hope tokyoflash takes this into the realms of reality because this takes the cake and then some.


    • Hehehe, I needed a dictionary for the cake phrase. In germany we say “this shoots the bird” so we’re more mean πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your impression!


  6. Hello Sam, what incredible imagination!

    Without reading previous reviews, I had the same reflectance as some for its manufacture?

    5 stars, as usual, how to vote otherwise?


  7. This watch is genius Sam, very original and different πŸ™‚ i can see TF doing something E-ink one day, im guessing its fairly expensive technology right now as its relatively new, but if when they do, i hope this is it! amazing graphics and anamations, can i ask is this 100% blender?


    • Thank you Keiron! Oh I thought e-books are pretty old, so the technology is affordable by now. Not as cheap and old as LCD though πŸ™‚ I think, I offer quite a payworthy alternative to the “boring” (but functional) usage of e-paper. You should see my Canvas watch concept, which goes a step further! I submit it soon. The pictures are 50% 3ds max and 50% Photoshop. Blender can do this do too, if you consider to learn it.


  8. This is one of the best designs I have seen in an extremely long time, please let me know if this watch is ever produced, as I would buy it immediately.


  9. Thank you to all supporters! I really appreciate your hints and impressions. I do learn quite some things in here – that helps me for future designs. Stay tuned and spread the word πŸ˜€

    Sam from Germany


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