Capsule Hotel? No Capsule Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo’s latest concept watch design is called “Kapuseru”. Each hour on the interface echoes the feel of a capsule. In traditional Tokyoflash style, the display looks complicated to the uninitiated, but when you understand the layout, it couldn’t be simpler (or more stylish).Each capsule indicates an hour and within each capsule there are 5 lights that indicate minuted 10-50. Across the centre of the watch, there are 9 single minute lights. I’m certain this would be readable at a glance after a few days practice.

The watch is pictured in gold with red LEDs and black with blue LEDs. Maybe the gold model would be good for people who love gold jewelry, the black for the more subtle character. The strap achieves a close fit with the case, featuring detailed lines running horizontally.

Let Laszlo know what you think about his concept watch by leaving feedback in the comments section below.


9 thoughts on “Capsule Hotel? No Capsule Watch Design

  1. The only thing I dont like is the usage of trapezoid shapes, rectangular shapes and round shapes all together. The gold watch looks sexy and the reading is so much better than in your older watches.


  2. I like the expression of the case. The little relief is nice. Time reading is appealing. I would have liked round minute LEDs more, but the overall feeling for this watch is good. Congrats to this tokyoflashy watch 🙂


  3. Way too much lights and little things. I like it more homogen, less bling-bling. I checked your older watches on here: much better!


  4. Since many of the capsule-style hotel in Japan, so I think it’s a really good choice would be the TFnek. Tokyoflahsy absolute. I like it!!


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