Are You A Samurai? Razor Time Concept Watch

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “Razor Time is a slashing time/watch concept. The theme is slashing and cutting gears like sword, dagger, knife, blade etc. The razor probably the closest to represent the watch design best. Otherwise, you can call it slashing katana(s) or “ken” too.Reading the time is simple. The time is slashed and grouped into 2 x 6 hours, 50 minutes, 3 minutes and 6 minutes (see pictures below). IMHO, this watch design suits most of Tokyoflash product lines. And I hope fans of Bleach, Naruto, Samurai Champloo  etc. will love this.

The design is not so complicated and not so minimal. It is attractive, and suppose to be easy to make. Can be made available in stainless steel or plastic body and strap.”


27 thoughts on “Are You A Samurai? Razor Time Concept Watch

  1. Definitely would go for the Chrome one on this design. Very TF, very sharp (pun intended). 5*/y! great design, great execution. My only critique would be maybe to have the LEDs change color or flash when they are displaying minutes in order to differentiate, but that’s a minor quibble.


  2. Oh it looks simple, not too detailed. I like the diagonal cut and the rough but elegant geometry. Time reading is clever. I like that the big bars are minutes or hours – the changing of meaning is a cool extra hurdle. A little confusing at first but learnable.

    I would use another animation. I would display all big bars, then the diagonal bars suddenly appear as if cutting bamboo 😉 Then the LEDs go to their time display. But the shown animation is good too.


    • I thought sortof like that too, but I think this current animation is quite straight forward to guide the time (Or is it just me?). Anyway thank you Samu-senpai 😉


  3. Such a destinct, simple and sharp watch! Make this and I buy it for sure. I just hope, I don’t cut myself.


  4. great look to this piece

    like the “angels” the slash give
    great visual image

    I will buy this.

    only issue…would be the face of the watch not too big. Though I have a small wrist…and really hard to find watches that fit me. So I have a one side mind to the size of watches


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