Minimal Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Roderick from Malta.

Roderick says: “Due to my passion for simple and minimalist product design, I decided to simplify the stereotypical form of the analogue watch as much as possible while retaining its functionality and ease of use.The ‘hands’ of the watch are attached to the circumference thus enabling it to be hollow. ย The inner circumference rotates via a chain mechanism attached to the gear wheels present in the bottom part of the steel casing thus the ‘hands’ rotate to show time. The longer hand represents minutes whilst the other represents hours.

This minimalist watch can be worn by both males and females of different age groups due to the minimalist design of the watch. ย It is presumed that it will mainly attract the younger generation.

The working mechanism and the sheer simplicity of the watch makes it not so common to find and by keeping the basic form of a typical wrist watch, the design results to be more successful.”


29 thoughts on “Minimal Analog Watch Design

  1. Wow yeah! Simple, futuristic, good looking, light design… Just cool!

    Hard to make it that thin and “airy” though. And I already know from the blog, people don’t like to see through the watch (mostly because of hair). But I support this idea. Well a black background or a mirror even (like on my next watch if Tokyoflash shows it) is a good alternative. Then you have enough space to hide the technology ๐Ÿ™‚ The strap could be wider… more manly for me.

    But besides that little doubts, wich have to be named sooner or later, this is an awesome concept! The hand… that’s not a photo right? It is rendered… that’s damn cool! I want one too ๐Ÿ˜‰



    • Hello Samukun,

      I understand your point regarding hair…i decided to make it completely hollow, so the user would be puzzled of how the watch actually works. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree about the strap though ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for your comment and yes, the hand is 3D as well ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I do not agree with Jan, because the Watches perforated there are many, like analog watches with a big hand for the minutes and hours for a game, it’s not why he ‘s acts of a copy, otherwise we could not try to invent Watches, anyway they are intended to indicate time.


      • Hi Jan,

        My watch features that same perforated form as the one you showed me in the link…. however my design is analogue base…so a different mechanism must be used, one which i spend hours trying to figure out. Its quite different in my opinion.

        Greetings, Roderick


      • Hi Roderick, I contacted the designer (yiran) and he was pleased he could inspire you to do the watch.
        OK, good succes. Jan.


  2. Very beautiful watch, c’ is true that j’ had spoken about the hairs through the Watch of Sam, he would be necessary to see with l’ use? But c’ is one Yes, as for the watch of Sam, very graphic!


  3. I like minimalistic too… I would like to have this. You can do optical illusion to achieve the transparent effect, hmm…


  4. I like the minimalist design. I assume you would need glass on both sides to protect the delicate minute/hour hands. Perhaps make the bottom glass piece out of a smokey, half translucent glass to get around the arm hair thing. This would make the time keeping pieces really pop, particularly when their LED’s are turned on.


      • It looks as if you’ve made the watch into a wearable proof of concept. I respect that greatly! I’d like to learn to do industrial design and bring ideas from 3d software into the real world as well.

        Well done!


  5. this might be one of the best ideas i’ve seen yet on this blog. it’s two of my favourite things: analogue and minimal.

    aside from cory’s suggestion above to help with readability in daylight, i can’t honestly think of anything to improve this. well done!


  6. hi Roderick,

    I love thins watch and design. I love collecting watches and really hope your watch is made so i can buy it. besides the flattery I wanted to ask what program you use to render the watch, because i’m trying to design 3 different watches and would like a program that would make them look a lot better than my s#!%y drawings.

    Thanks a lot,


  7. I am a fan of simplicity. I also like a wider starp, but thats not a big deal. Are there glasses to protect the watch hands? If you have this chain mechanism, maybe a soft flexible chain would be wise. So you can poke the hands but they wont break. On the other hand you might need glasses. But those do not look good with pressed sweaty and hairy skin underneath. Just something to think about ๐Ÿ˜‰ Five stars for this hit!


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