Time in a Flash LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

When turned off, the display is a shiny, sleek black glass plate, but once turned on it will flash thin rays of bright LEDs to tell time.

The outer rays show the hours arranged as in an analog watch, inner circle of rays show the minutes in 5-minute groups, and the four LEDs at 12 o’clock position indicate single minutes.  It’s very easy to read as time is shown in an analog concept.


9 thoughts on “Time in a Flash LED Watch Design

  1. Great design! I like the mono coloured red LED concept better. Overall I like most of Laszlo’s watches and hope they get selected to go into production.


  2. Hello Laszlo, the reading system is similar to my “Radius LED watch” I’m happy to inspire the designer of this Blug.
    Your drawing is beautiful.
    Bravo for this new concept!


  3. I love the look of the watch, particularly the strap.

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but how does it display 12am or 12pm with the single minuted taking up the spot where the 12 marker would go? That’s my only critique, the design is gorgeous and I enjoy the simplicity you’ve gone for with the watch face.


  4. Nice sleek design. I like the thin LEDs and the reflection. The straps could be wider for me, so the case doesn’t look so big. The case itself is great. Easy to read like the RPM but more analog looking.

    The am/pm indicator could be implemented in the 12h position area by just dividing it into 5 parts instead of 4 if it is really really needed.


  5. I don’t like the round display on a square case. The case also looks too clunky. Thats my taste only.

    As for the am/pm debate, if you don’t know what time of the day it is, you have other problems than knowing the exact time.


  6. Many thoughts here. I think about functionality of today’s watches and wonder how far the technology can be pushed to get you everything you currently have in a traditional watch. For example:
    -would be nice to have a 12 or 24 hour mode.
    -Are seconds obsolete? 60 small LEDs around the perimeter that continue to count for the time the watch stays illuminated.
    -will it have the date function?
    -What about an option for more than one time zone (even 2 would be nice)
    -I like the simplicity of a single color LED and assume color choice will be an option. But I also like the multi color LED look as well. Will it be offered in multi-color like the animation shows to indicate hours and minutes? Maybe in a 12 hour mode you could have green for am hours and red for pm hours.
    -Maybe not for this watch but could a stop watch function be added?
    I love the tech but I also want the function.


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