Black Squares Watch Design

Design submitted by Sandra from Estonia

The watch display has three vertical columns of small black squares.  Time is displayed on the first vertical column from top to bottom.  Date is shown on the second column and year on the third.  In one press of a button, all this information will be displayed on the screen.

When time is not displayed, the watch looks like a fashionable accessory that fits with different clothing styles.  It’s simplicity and modernity in one small LED watch.


12 thoughts on “Black Squares Watch Design

    • Thanks! And I would prefer it metal also! I didnt realise it looks like leather or something, but it definitely wasnt ment to be leather 🙂


  1. So simple, yet so Tokyoflash, and hard to read if you don’t know how to do it, the red one looks pretty evil, me like.


  2. Actually i only have one other concern
    I do /NOT/ want this watch to be in 24 hour time only
    Either have it a setting to do either 12 hour or 24 hour. Or just 12 hour only. Many of us don’t really like 24 hour time


  3. Oh thats nice. Very simple, cryptic at first but easy to read. If the numbers switch on with a little shuffling animation that would be cool. If you can change from 24h to 12h than all people should be satisfied.


  4. Such a brilliant design – stunning and simple and wont take me 5 mins to decode like so many other amazing looking watches do!

    A definite purchase for me!

    I wonder how it would look in blue/orange/white colours too?


  5. Oh that reminds me of what the enigma watch (laszlo) should have looked like. Thats a cool collection of numbers! Perfect for those who like it simple!


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