Shinjugai – A Pearl Of A Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick’s says his latest concept is ideal for both women and men and is the first LED watch he’s seen that opens. “Shinjugai” in Japanese literally translates as “shell that makes a pearl” which echoes the fact that the top of the watch opens up like a shell to release the time… that is the pearl. He likes the idea of putting a system on a removable LED Watch.

We are huge fans of Patrick’s outside-the-box thinking. This is a very interesting bracelet style concept that has a retractable lower wrist band. The “shell” is triggered by touching the top which then opens to present the time.

8 thoughts on “Shinjugai – A Pearl Of A Watch Design

  1. Oh that’s a nice concept. Really unusual. I like the shell idea very much.

    Do you have two concepts there? One with only inside LEDs and one with inside and outside LEDs?

    On the first image, I would prefer the inner single minute display to be round ( and not a trapezoid (trapèze).

    Very smooth and sleek design. Fashionable and stylish. The closing mechanism is cool too. Good work!!!


  2. Thank you Sam and plus we have the same tastes.
    The model “variant” is for those who desire an animation of the LEDs visible even flip closed?


  3. I prefer the first variant. The opening is big and fits to the shell image. The round version of the inside led display from sam is cool. I’m not sure if you need that hinge inside the watch. It looks a little wrong.

    My overall impression is good. It is beautiful and not screaming like other watches. I don’t understand the low rating. It would be cool if people write why the rate how they rate. Otherwise, how should you know how to improve?


    • Aphosno, thank you, the flap where the minute circle is removable and rises at the opening of the Show (it should also stabilize the shutter big enough?). So, technically it does not tighten anything, I agree to delete it.
      For notes, it’s a bit of a mystery, because my “4-Dials-Watch” which I thought too retro, has been more successful? I wear a relative importance to the notes, as they give a somewhat restricted, limited to the Blog, the key is that our projects are seen by as many browsers on the Internet, it seems?
      If the “Time Tokyoflash” publish our projects, they are probably already evaluated before and it’s already a great victory for me!


  4. Patrick, I prefer the (second) variant, where the shutter opens just a little. For some reason it reminds my of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” It’s great to see an unusual concept like this — the blog is really becoming a place for thought experiments.


    • Thank you Logan, I’m glad I made this second version, I hesitated.
      The pattern of reading is wrong side, there are of course 12 LEDs for hours, arranged 2 by 2 for easier reading and the axial line on top, divides the 9 LEDs minutes for easier reading also.


  5. Hey Patrick! I love your ideas! it s always surprising really. How can you get inspired from an oister to make a watch??? That’s genius!!
    Keep it up!


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