6666 LCD Watch Concept Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

At Tokyoflash, we really appreciate the effort that Logan has been putting into fantastic interface ideas. This concept is simple and is based on his love for “always-on LCD displays” and his belief that they offer a good value for the consumer – they can cost less but still be visually interesting.

Logan says: “6666 is an always-on LCD watch that displays the four digits HH:MM, each using 6 square LCD segments.  How do you display a digit with just 6 squares?  This display might look complicated or even random, but it’s really very simple.  Really.

Imagine a 3×5 grid of squares in which you can display a digit normally.  Now, remove all the squares of the digit, except for the squares at the intersection of horizontal and vertical parts of the digit.  For the digit 0, for example, you will be left with just the four corner squares, and for the digit 8, you will have six squares (the four corners and the two squares where the middle piece intersects the sides), and for the digit 1, you will have no squares at all, because there are no intersections.  This simple method of reducing a digit to at most 6 squares yields a unique representation (see diagram).When you stack the two hour digits above the two minute digits and reduce them each to at most 6 squares, the result looks somewhat random, but you can easily read each of the digits.  I think your mind automatically fills in the missing horizontal and vertical parts, when it sees just the points of intersection.

This is for people who want to have a mysterious-looking display that becomes easy to read only when you know the secret, AND does not require any math or counting. Of all the always-on LCDs I have seen, this has the most random appearance, while still being simple to read. Because the LCDs are all small squares, this has a subtle look that won’t clash with your outfit, so it can be worn as an everyday watch.

10 thoughts on “6666 LCD Watch Concept Design

  1. You have my vote. 4 digital numbers, simply coded, easy to remember, yet unusual looking? Yes!!! Case drawing rocks!


  2. I’m going to echo Sam’s comments – this is a really solid idea! Throw in an animation and maybe a negative reading mode (where everything but the intersections lights up) for fun, and I think you’ve got something that’s ready to sell.

    Nice work, Logan!


  3. Thanks! I agree that an animation could look great. Negative mode would look cool, too, if the entire LCD panel is exposed. Or, most of the panel could be covered, with just the 6×4 squares exposed, for a different look.


  4. Reminds me of samukuns 3×3 watch design. Also four numbers wich are shown in cryptive mode. What I mean is, this I like this type of telling time. I prefer this to your mathematical watches anytime. It is good that you try different things.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Aphosno. Lately, I’ve been trying to make each design use a fundamentally different method for displaying the time. Glad you like this.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Fantasmatic. I would be grateful if you could describe in more detail what you mean by “unfilled” or “loose.” Do you mean that you would like to see more LCD segments used, or do you mean that you would like to see the segments closer together, or …? I have some ideas for variations on this concept, and will take your comment into consideration.


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