A Pyramid and A Tunnel in one LED Watch

Design submitted by David from UK.

After experimenting with 3D and optical illusions, David came up with this watch design which can either be viewed as pyramid or a tunnel.

Starting at the top and reading the 4 sides in a clockwise direction, you can read the time as if you were viewing a pyramid from above or standing at the entrance to a tunnel.  Until you get used to reading the time, it helps to rotate your head from side to side.

The 3D effect gives the watch a depth and interest which most 2d models do not have.  The watch would suit a range of colors and backgrounds.

7 thoughts on “A Pyramid and A Tunnel in one LED Watch

  1. Ooh, this is cool. Reminds me a bit of Spiderman or a retro video game. OH, I just realised how to read it! It took a few minutes to register. Love it now, a bit like going down a tunnel. Bravo.


  2. Interesting!
    It looks a bit like a square version of the cryptic digitale watch for heather. The 3D feeling brings definitely something nice to it!


    • Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I really like Heathers watch and I can see what you mean about the 4 quadrants being similar but that wasn’t the angle I was coming from. I have recently been looking at new bathroom suites and was intrigued by various infinity mirror designs and their 3d effects. It inspired this design and several others I submitted over the weekend.


  3. I actually had an easier time reading it counter-clockwise, without reading the instructions, the left one read “4:32”, and the right one said “19:56”, it works because the numbers are already in place (for 4 : 3 2, the 4 is at the left of the 3, and the two is on the right, just like in the picture).

    It’s one of my favorite designs.


    • Thanks Tntec, i used a clockwise display because i thought most people would be more familiar with that format on a watch. However, you are quite right numerically it is more natural to read from left to right (in most countries) and in an alternative version of this watch, which i submitted this weekend, it has an offset perspective and the numbers do read the way you suggested. Hopefully it will make it to the blog.


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