3×3 LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

The inspiration from this watch comes from dice and dominos.  Sam likes the graphical display of four 3×3 LED groups.

There are four fields of 3×3 LEDs.  The upper two fields are the two digits of hours, lower two fields are the two digits of minutes.  The empty fields are black or white – easy to distinguish.  The numbers are red.  Numbers 1-6 are like on dice and domino.  Zero is empty, 7 is 6 plus a center LED, 8 is a remarkable LED ring and 9 is when all LEDs are lit up.

This watch design is playful because of the inspiration, but it also rational in style.

10 thoughts on “3×3 LED Watch Design

  1. I like the design and the time-reading concept. It’s pretty easy, will not take much getting used to, and the exact time can be read at a glance. The case and strap are too masculine for me to wear, but that’s true about most of the watches on here. I suppose these tech watches have a largely male audience.
    It would look cool on a guy, though. Although I think a black strap might be better.


  2. @Heather: 😛 thanks. I hope the guys like like it indeed. It’s hard to distinguish the male/female point of view from the own taste when creating. But that is why we have the blog 😀

    @ Michael: That was my exact intention. It took several variations to reach this result. Thanks to you too.


  3. Loving the time reading concept. Very easy and yet looks complex enough to confuse onlookers. Red/White color scheme looks very elegant as well



  4. Oh yes! I love this display. Looks funny but strict, confusing first but easy then and the color scheme rocks! Case and straps are cool too, elegant. Five stars!


  5. I always love disco style and it is SO MUCH like that!
    Nice one again Sam!
    I wonder if there would be an easier way to tell the time with the same display?


  6. @ IamGo: Thank you 🙂 I thought about making different colors, but red/white/black is my favorite.

    @ Laszlo: Thanks alot.

    @ Aphosno: You really see what I intended. Thanks.

    @ said: Where do you think it could be improved, the numbers themselves or the determination of the numbers? Yeah you like disco! This watch woulf of course play a flashy animation before telling the time 😀 Thank you!


  7. oh i just noticed this one 😮
    Very playful~ though the time display is a bit hard to read haha~~ but i like the style 🙂


  8. 😉 Always good to check the “old” entries hm? Yeah might look hard, but it is easy to learn. You already know dice numbers? Then 0,7,8 and 9 are the only new ones – piece of cake! Thanks GN 🙂


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