Aquatic LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Recko from Indonesia.

The idea for this watch design came from a brightly lit aquarium and tap water.

The time is shown by the beautiful water bubbles lit by LED light.  Hours are indicated by a round LED below the display screen.  The yellow-lit LED indicates the first digit of the hour and the red LED indicate the second digit.  Minutes are in a horizontal line below the hours indicator.

18 thoughts on “Aquatic LED Watch Design

  1. Awwww noooo, let the water level on the third image show the minutes pleeeeeease 😀 The bubbles would only go until the waters’ surface then, just like in nature. You have such a big display, but the indicators are so small. The minute scale is nice, but it is too normal when you can have water 🙂

    Besides that, the first-second-digit idea is cool. So simple and useful.

    Really fresh design, with a little weakness. I like bubbles.


  2. Agree with you Sam, this is very fresh! Great outside the box thinking here. But is it possible? It would have to have some gel or water inside? Who knows…

    I would definitely think about wearing something like this. It’s quite easy to understand. Well done Recko!


  3. weh weh weh…. nice, how to setting fire themes? so natural… but if use big display u have to spend energi lot, but so far so good


  4. Hi Recko, great presentation. A lot of work has gone into this design by the looks of it. That would be one talked about watch if it ever gets made. I would get it for sure, just because there is nothing even slightly close to this design. Looks great!


  5. The design offer revolutionary concepts, that was great. I like it fresh themes on your design.

    But I think conventional user will be more convenience using standard clock display. Should you provide some color legend beside the watch? Reverse to samukun comment, yes you have big display but with small indicator.

    Well that’s for my comment


  6. Woooowww….. like this… that was a sophisticated concept, but you have more to think about the system and operational…and also the ergonomic shape… but the visualization is good… congratz bro….


  7. That Great idea but u must sure of the water such a real,,,,explain untill in raw material glasses,functional, and competitive advantages of your product….but this design is look great but u just add explain to more detail and specific


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