Convex LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Here is a watch that completely follows the curvature of the wrist.  LEDs are activated with a simple axial rotation of the wrist but can also be activated by a button.

Hours are indicated by the red LEDs and minutes by the green ones.  Strap size can also be adjusted easily by pushing or pulling the lower section of the watch band.

10 thoughts on “Convex LED Watch Concept

  1. Wouhaou!!! What a nice watch!! It is soooo original! I would buy it for sure!
    I like the way it is adjustable as I have a pretty little wrist. I love the sober but effective design. It can be wear as an addition to complete your style as you would do with a bracelet. It is chic, elegant, easily fashionable and “unique”!
    And what aobut the fact that it is super cool that you could impress by giving time to someone just by chaking your wrist!


  2. This is a great design, very Star Trek in appearance! Love the thought you’ve put into this to make it more than just a watch but a futuristic time piece that not only shows the time uniquely but also in a unique position within a bracelet that fits the wrist in a new way. This is a new kind of fashion accessory. Congrats!

    I like watches but i’m not one for jewellery but I would like to try it on. I don’t really think it would be for me but it’s really fun.


  3. Nice division of the hours and the minutes. Pretty easy to read. The style looks fashionable. Not for me, but yet imaginable for production.

    @ Ahoodie: yes thats a future watch from the 80s… quite charming 🙂


  4. I like like this watch because everything of it is original. Even the way to attach it to your wrist.
    Congratulation Patrick!


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