Bumpy LED Watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This is Logan’s first wristband-style design similar to the Tokyoflash Shinshoku and Fire watches with it’s constant width as it wraps around the wrist.

The black strap is covered in spherical bumps made from black acrylic.  LEDs are behind the middle 4×7 group of bumps, which illuminate to reveal digits painted in black on those bumps.  Four bumps light up to display the two digits of the hours (red) and two digits of the minutes (yellow).  PM is indicated by blinking the hours.

This is a design more for women who like to wear black.  The style combines technology and fashion while retaining the spirit of Tokyoflash.

7 thoughts on “Bumpy LED Watch

  1. Yes for women 🙂 Girls, what do you think?

    Besides it does not hit my taste, it is nice that is works like a bracelett when the LEDs are off. That’s a nice idea to have a jewelry wich “also” can tell time. The arrangement of the numbers is nice too. You have cool ideas Logan from the USA 😀


      • That’s totally ok for me 🙂 You have a lot of ideas in your head… they must all come out!

        Hey, what about using billard balls? I had the idea when playing but I didn’t have the energy to try it out. When I see your watch, billard balls would look cool I think.


  2. This reminds me a little bit of lottery balls. With the right combination of colours this could be a winner 😉


  3. Hey Logan, so many designs! This reminds me of a lottery ticket draw machine, or BINGO, and it also makes me thing of Golf. Maybe could take this concept and give it a strong theme, like putting the time into the hole.


  4. It’s a shame, the pictures do not look good. Leather strap and glass balls would look sexy. I cannot imagine to have that either so I need to say: you had better ideas before. And better ones will come, I’m sure.


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