Is it an Alien? No, it’s a Watch Design!

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says “this is a response to my “Minimalist Watch” that was not, at that time on the blog (I thought it was really too simple). I had already sketched this “Alien Watch” in pencil, and I dared not to create a rendering on my computer. It’s completely out of tune with its exuberance of complex shapes.”

But Patrick did create that rendering and we were astounded by the result. This concept watch design definitely looks alien and at the same time, a little organic, almost like a sea creature. As you can see from the explanation below, hours are displayed on the top of the case and minutes around the bottom.

Patrick feels this design wouldn’t suit all but would appeal to followers of trendy fashion; “Innovation is concentrated solely in his “look”. It’s very special but it’s still a watch since the precise time indicated therein.” It would certainly grab attention but would you consider wearing this design? Let us know your thoughts below.

7 thoughts on “Is it an Alien? No, it’s a Watch Design!

  1. Aprecate thinking out of the box, but the final result looks too much like a cheap movie prop. I guess I can’t put my hand in my pocket with this one.


  2. Metal larva on my arm! Nice new idea. I like the ufo watch more. With the right materials and proportions this one could be a cool thing. The case is so big and suddenly ends. Think about blending the case into the straps. It’s nice, you said, the time reading is basic for those who already know Tokyo Flash watches. I was about to say, it is hard to read (counting x10, counting x5, adding, counting x1, adding) buuuuuuuuut you’re absolutely right. A Tokyo Flash watch is not easy to read per se.


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