Typhoon Watch Concept

Design submitted by Adi from Israel.

With this watch design, Adi is trying to convey the cyclical yet chaotic movement of time with an innovative yet clear display of time.

It uses a carved or casted metal block with a ‘typhoon’ engraving and windows for time display.  Under the metal body lies a black glass under which red LED lights shine through.

The sculptural form and innovative yet familiar time display makes this watch unique.

2 thoughts on “Typhoon Watch Concept

  1. Looks nice so far. The 16 dots in the middle look a little misplaced. The “typhoon” topic is “only” manifested in the center. The materials are fine, the LEDs too. The 10h LED isn’t full because it is only 10 past 10 right? If so, that’s cool! Well besides the inconsistency in the watch design (straight shapes vs organic shape) it is an imaginable watch design. Simple, looking ok, easy to read. Innovative yet familiar time display, I agree. Nice job 🙂


  2. I agree with Samukun. This design is nice. The way to tell the time is even so simple I wonder if the numbers has to be written? It would even more simplicity on it! Great job anyway Adi!


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