Cross Time Watch Concept

Design submitted by Mauricio from the USA.

This design is from a timeless shape that has taken many forms over the years.  Mauricio has tried to mix an old icon with new technology. The cross has most recently been used by motorcycle fans around the world and put onto countless products.

The overall design is simple but elegant with a wide leather blue strap.  The cross itself sports two bands of LED color that displays the hours (outside) and minutes (inside).  A star in the center specifies one minute increments and AM/PM.  The cross happens to have just enough sides to represent a typical clock movement for both the hours and minutes.

The color schemes are endless and even possibly, interchangeable.  And instead of sewing the watch to the leather, it can be attached with small buckles or snaps so it can have different color straps and faces.

One additional feature would be to make each section of the cross to be a different height, in effect making it look like steps on each side of the watch.

14 thoughts on “Cross Time Watch Concept

  1. Nazi? Unnecessary to mention them 😦 But yes, obvious military appeal.

    Make the inner cross unfilled. And make the star also with an outline, like the crosses, then the display would look balanced and more cool I think.


    • I had also submitted another image with many design variations but it didn’t make it. Because of the style (the cross) and how it functions (as a clock) there are so many color combinations that are possible.

      I will draw one up like you suggested and see how it looks.



    • It’s worth mentioning because Nazi imagery still evokes negative emotions, so is very unlikely to make it into a watch design. Although it wasn’t created by the Nazi’s, it is still linked (just like the swastika) and therefore tainted 😦


  2. Not really, it was also used in the WW1, and it’s still used today, so it’s not really a nazi trademark.
    The design is pretty cool, I know bickers and rockers would buy it.


    • nobody said it was trademarked. it’s just the first thing i was reminded of, and thought it was worth sharing some trivia about its sister design in military history.


      • The first time I saw “the Iron Cross” was on my friends necklace in Jr High. It was black and just looked cool! At that time, I hadn’t learned about the wars or really known much about them… as I learned I was confused for a while, I too associated the Iron Cross (black) with the Nazi’s. But after learning more, as Ace said, it is something that Germany (and many others) have used before that ‘dark period.’ So I got over it as well.

        Since west coast choppers blew up, they’ve been pushing that ‘biker style’ which is cool, but everyone associated that with WCC! Though it’s still something I like. And it just happens to work well for telling time!

        I chose this style of cross over because I like the straight lines and sharp corners, and it’s easily recognizable as well (when lit up!).


  3. Yeah bikers and rockers would like it. Or people who like paintball. This watch has a certain military flair indeed. Nice display idea.


    • Yep, I’m a biker/rocker! I’ve had the design in my head for a while and never found anything satisfactory that was made. I don’t know why I didn’t think of submitting it earlier!

      But I do have an idea for something that is definitely militaristic in style, I just don’t have the time. If someone would want to collaborate with me, I would be more than willing to share what I have for 1/2 the credit!



  4. It’s interesting buti this cross time looks a bit like a decoration for the army or something lime that! I m not a big fan myself…


  5. me gusto mucho el diseño seria padre hacer uno para mujeres, me refiero al mismo diseño pero un poco mas estilizado, es decir menos cuadrado, ahora que ganes el premio lo podrias hacer, hay algunas cosas que no entiendo pero me parece muy bueno suerte


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