Centurion Watch Concept

Design submitted by Scott from UK.

This watch design is styled on one of Scott’s favorite sci-fi ‘bad guys’ – the cyclon centurion from Battlestar Galactica.

By simply pressing the button, the red eye displays, ‘scans’ you to make sure you are a ‘cyclon’, then a heavily vocoded voice reads out the time (e.g. one…three…one…seven for 13:17).

This seems to be the only design that relies on audio rather than visual and comes in an already battle-damaged look so you won’t need to worry of scratches.

15 thoughts on “Centurion Watch Concept

  1. i absolutely LOVE how this watch looks! It’s so futuristic and the red display looks perfect!!

    However, I personally am not a fan of using audio to tell the time. If the time was shown on the display somehow i would be set.


  2. i’m as big a fan of BSG as the next geek, and this is a beautiful design, but as a concept it just doesn’t seem to equal ‘timepiece’. more of a novelty item i guess, since the audio-only will make it impractical and usually undesirable for people to use in a typical daily routine; maybe special events like a BSG convention though.

    i like the design, but think the idea could be taken a lot further than something so literal.

    as an aside, i understand this ‘contest’ of user-submitted designs is a free for all, but some of the entries which very blatantly knick a popular nerd/geek franchise are far too literal, and not enough originality or inspiration. i come to tokyoflash for their creative approach to redesigning the ordinary, not for licensed trinketry.


    • Hi Cortjezter,

      Thanks for your comments. I expected that this watch would not be appreciated by everyone, and to be fair you’ve made some valid points. I actually didn’t think it would get uploaded to the blog, purley because there is no visual element to telling the time – as that goes against every other design (concept or actual) that i have seen on tokyoflash – but they did ask for something different.

      Again i understand your comments about jumping on a franchise, and yes your point is valid. I love the sci-fi genre and draw a lot of inspiration from it. I maybe should have removed all reference to BSG and let the customer/viewer make the comparison.

      i think you are also right about the impracticality too. i have several tokyoflash watches, and a lot of them become impractical after i’ve had a few beers! 🙂 I still love them though.

      The sound chip would need to be of a decent quality but in theory i believe it should make telling the time easier. i don’t think its an everyday watch, but hopefully one that will draw attention when you wear it!

      i suppose i really want people to focus on two elements about this watch:

      1 – its audio rather than visual (a part from the red moving LED’s – thats just for show!)
      2 – its not your usually highly polished, shiny watch. its distressed, rustic, pre-marked.

      Please don’t take this as me arguing against you. Like i said, you have some valid points.


  3. Remove the speaker and let the red scan line reveal the time! Then it would be a modern item. The speaker idea works for kids though. The overall design is delicous, lol


    • Hi Aphosno,

      That’s how my original design started but i just wasn’t happy with the overal look. i wanted to do something different so i tried to be bold and remove all visual aspects in telling the time.

      However i think most people will agree with you! 🙂


  4. Oh that’s a cool watch. Removing the visual aspects of time telling is a comprehensible idea. If there wouldn’t be law problems, I would like to see cylon code on the slim display. This also could tell time but in a strange way. The speaker option is too toy-ish for me but I also like the cylon voice, so as an extra option I would like to have it.

    The used look is great! I love it. My Twelve-5-9 L has several scratches on it, and I adore it more and more. It is a good diversion from the blank smooth perfect watches.

    Good job 🙂


  5. Hey Scott:
    Great Idea!! But it needs one thing…. what I would love it to do is that when you press a button the red like the middle “scans” down and then up and as it goes up then the numbers are “revealed” like painted on as the light passes over them!….. the “Scan” has to be just like the SCAN that the Cylon Raiders did when they first disabled all the Human ships or scanned for the hidden Final Five. 😀 😀 That would be cool…



  6. Just like the Tron watch, this one looks pretty ace! Assuming that the strap/body were made of dense, weighty steel (As the images above suggest to my eye) it’d certainly match my style very well! >:-)

    I have to admit I’m not so keen on the “tell the time” approach, though it’s pretty novel for a timepiece. I tend to check the time quite often (My short-term memory isn’t that great) and I could see that being a pain for other passengers on these overcrowded trains into London! 😀
    That said; A headphone socket could always be provided insted – Overkill though that may sound…But a visual means of displaying the time could do with being provided, given that I tend to see TokyoFlash watches most often being used inside noisy Cybergoth clubs! 🙂


  7. Nice design Scott, I’m a massive fan off all BSG stuff and would pay a lot for this. I don’t care if I couldn’t hear the time in a club, it’d look frakking awesome!
    I don’t think many people will want an audio watch which is a shame. After all, how many watches here are actually quick and simple to read…


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