Analog Twelve 5-9 Watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Telling time is easy on this watch once you know the trick. It seems like the broken rotating lines tell the time but it is the vertical lines in the middle top of the face that shows the time in analog format.

The vertical lines are divided into four parts from top to bottom – hours, 10 minutes group, single minutes, and seconds.  The rotating dials point to the exact time on the vertical line.

6 thoughts on “Analog Twelve 5-9 Watch

  1. I LOVE the concept – It’s insane that anyone would ever even come up with this! It’s so hard to make analog new, and you’ve done it!! The only down side I see for this design is that it is sooo small, it feels like I would need a magnifying glass to read those little sections for 12, 5, and 9. Maybe it would help to label a few of the sections with tiny little numbers, like 3, 6, 9 on the hours and single minutes??


  2. コンセプトはおもしろいなっておもたんですが、これって実際に読めますかね?窓にインジケーターみたいなのが付いてるから意外と読みやすかったりするのかもしれませんが。。。


  3. Oh it’s cool you combined the spiral concept with the digital 12-5-9 concept. Yes the reading is small. But it is as big as it can be. I thought about showing the whole thing, not just a quarter. But then you spoil it I think. If it wouldn’t be analog but with the OLEDs you like so much, you could expand the quarter to the whole case. Still a quarter but biiiiiiig. The whole right side for the 12-5-9 squares.

    Anyway, nice fresh concept.


  4. Nice idea. The small window looks a bit too small, but you don’t need more to read the time. Let the case empty (no twelve-fine-nine text) then is would look better. Very nice idea… Tokyo Flash needs more analog watches I think.


  5. That’s a great chalenge to try to make a tokyoflash analog watch I guess. Idea is good but way to tiny area to be able to read the time on it I think… Nice try anyway! 😉


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