Transformers Watch Concept

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy created this futuristic concept inspired by Transformers.  Time is directly shown as digits but in a curved form that does not make it easily discernible.

This watch design will appeal to teenagers and people who are fans of Transformers, robots, and anime.

6 thoughts on “Transformers Watch Concept

  1. Tehehe. It looks cool. Traditional LED watch with a scifi twist. Cool idea with the split case. I wonder if it can be done. Nice details and nice continuation of the case into the straps. Nice job.


  2. I imagine this would be very popular with anyone who likes Transformers. A great movie inspired watch design. They should sell these at the cinema & comic store.


  3. That’s probably because I m not a big fan of transformers myself, but I m not a big fan of this watch…. or maybe if it can transform and make you fly? 😉


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