Not A Typical Watch Design

Design submitted by Javier from Spain.

Javier considers this concept design to be ideal for people who don’t necessarily want a futuristic watch desing but want a surprise when they push the button to see the time. Like a bracelet, with a simple case shape and a standard strap but an interface with an interesting pattern and LEDs co-ordinated through the lines, Javier has created something that looks normal but is far from it.

Red squares indicate 1 hour each (12 squares), purple rectangles indicate 5 minutes each (11 rectangles) and green rectangles indicate 1 minute each (4 rectangles). To show the time you must push the button in the center of the interface. It is easy to read the time fast, because leds light in the same order of the hours of a hands clock.

Would you buy this design? Could you think of ways of improving it? Let Javier know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Not A Typical Watch Design

  1. Not too hard to read. Takes a bit of course but when you learn how to imagine LED-groups, then it goes quick. Nice graphical display.

    The term futurustic is relative. Sometimes its enough to be different, and this watch is 🙂


  2. A pattern is always nice! I like the simplicity of it. Maybe it can be improve keeping the pattern all around the strap?


  3. No pyramid for me please. It’s not hard to read. It’s like an analog watch but in digits. Some little calculating ok, but thats not too bad.


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