HiFi Inspired LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A concept here from Laszlo that uses a clear theme and a time display that can easily be read at a glance. Bright green and red LEDs are used on a black interface to keep this concept looking cool and unassuming.

The left side of the interface uses green LEDs show hours, each hour is uses five LED blocks. Red LEDs at the top show AM or PM depending on the time of the day.the time of day.

On the right side, green LEDs show minutes, each minute is 1 LED and minutes are separated into groups of five for easy reading. Red LEDs at the top right show seconds.

This design would be perfect for HiFi enthusiasts and DJ’s possibly. It has the classic looks of a radio receiver dial and is housed in a slightly retro case with classic strap.

7 thoughts on “HiFi Inspired LED Watch Design

  1. Yes, this one looks great. I love the metalic strap. It looks like Geomesh Seahope Lines.

    Maybe the case is a little longer, but seems to be very cool.

    Great job, Laszlo !!!


  2. The name is promising and… the watch complies 😀 I really love the box case. The indicators look simple and readable. Solid watch wich again, dear Laszlo, is produce-worthy.


  3. I like it very much Laszlo! The lenght of the case looks a bit long but that s would do for me!!
    Hifi concept is a good and simple idea!
    Tokyoflash please make it !!!!


  4. The long (or slim) case and the little leds look cool. The straps are not my taste. Also little too retro appearance. Cool realistic renderings though.


  5. 時間が読みやすいし、レベルメーターそのまんまの縦長の感じがイイです!時計以外の機能が入ってたらもっといいかも。


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