Solar-powered Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This solar watch uses its free energy to light up a twine on a transparent LED membrane.  The single vertical line goes through curves and ribbons, and forms the four numbers to show time.  A solar cell saves up energy to the battery and ensures continuous function.  Case and straps blend together making the watch look like it’s made in one metal piece.  The smooth strap ends are magnetic so there is no need for any lock mechanism.

A smart and powerful design for both men and women.

87 thoughts on “Solar-powered Watch Design

  1. Hey I’m a rapper here in the US and I love this style of watch, its like the watch has some type of hiphop/techno feeling. I would definetly sport this baby around with my Nikes. Props to whoever designed it you got talent


    • Hello it was me who made this.

      That’s a cool comment you made. Thank you! Sounds like you already planned your outfit 🙂

      Muchas gracias @ fabianQ and vinc


    • No news yet. They have many cool watches to consider and this is a hard decision I can imagine. I cross my fingers 🙂


  2. I live in Sweden and don’t usually get to see style from asia, but this watch is amazing, i really think Europeans would fall in love with this! Easy to tell time also.


    • Hello Fish! I made this design. I am from europe too and I hope asians also fall in love with it 😀 Thanks for your kind words!


  3. This still remains my favorite design, it’s simply beautiful. I specifically like the different shades within the black background. Pioneering the technology to produce the red line seems like the next significant challenge, but I wish the best of luck to anyone who figures it out. Because I would so buy this watch.

    I may also like to see this watch come in a few different sizes to match different wrists. While watches almost always have the mens and womens size, but adjustable, I can see this more similar to a ring, with many sizes to match different wrist sizes. With the high caliber of this design, I’d think it would warrant the extra cost individualized sizing.

    Finally, you’re still getting comments!


  4. Just realized you can search by submitter and saw you also designed the One Line watch concept. I obviously like these shapes, but get daunted on imagining turning the organic style hands into reality; perhaps a flattened modern version of the nixie tube? I hope you design a watch with this form factor that can actually be made. That way, I could actually one day buy it without having to lust after something that will remain a concept.


  5. Thank you for your wise words 🙂 Yes it seems people really visit the old posts, I do that too.

    You mention a very important detail – the adjustability or individuality. That’s a tough decision. If it comes to such a decision, different proportions for men and women might be suggested…

    Yessss nixie tube! I really thought about that for this watch, but I didn’t think about re-inventing it. That’s a very constructive hint!

    Thanks again Hideki!


  6. This is probably my last post here. This is my most popular watch in this blog and I will miss reading and commenting here. I want to thank all of you who voted for this watch and also showed up possible difficulties. The constructive comments maybe give Tokyo Flash the energy to consider this concept for production. I cross my fingers and will continue designing and watching this blog with amazement.

    Best regards to all,
    Sam from Germany


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