Red Predator Watch Design Concept

Design submitted by Calvin from UK.

Time on this watch design is shown on the LEDs on the side of the watch and Predator symbols on the front of a see-through glass screen.  The left side of the screen tells hours, right side of the watch shows groups of 5 minutes, bottom part shows single minutes, and the symbol in the middle stays whole if AM and cut in half if PM.

The see-through glass face and the LEDs showing time on the sides of the watch makes this watch one of a kind.

8 thoughts on “Red Predator Watch Design Concept

  1. About the concept itself, I really like the idea of using a red predator symbol on a clear display!! I believe it could have been used a better way thought… not only am pm. Maybe a more crazy way of reading the time which would make your watch design really unique!


    • I designed a watch where predator symbols were used to tell the time, and it looks very much like the real predator wrist device. but i guess tokyoflash didnt like it, so its not on the blog ^^


  2. Maybe copyright issues. Tokyo Flashs predator-ish design is green and is called kryptonite, so no problem there i suppose.

    This watch is a nice idea. Just imagine it with a cool case 😀 For people who like counting shapes this might be buyworthy.

    The presentation influences the rating. its a little shame but natural though. It is hard to change the first impression. I try to kinda see behind the facade and here it works fine:)


  3. This one is much better than the Japanese flag one. Looks really nice! I like the lights around the edge combined with the face. 🙂


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