WATCH THIS watch design

Submitted by Heather from the USA.

I was thinking it would be neat to come up with a concept that includes a play on words.  The display will say “WATCH THIS” – which is meant to grab your attention – especially on a WATCH!  Then a press of the button will display the time in an interesting way, which certainly is something to watch.

The words WATCH THIS are shown on the screen all the time.  When a button is pressed, the time is displayed using arrows, dots, and lines.  The arrows appear on the top, bottom, right, or left side of the screen, and are basically giving an indication of where you would look for the hour if you were looking at an analog watch.  5 dots above the letters in the word “WATCH” represent 10 minutes each.  Below “THIS”, there is a line to represent 5 minutes, and 4 dots below the letters – each 1 minute.

This design is for someone who likes a watch that often becomes a conversation piece.  Also, the person must be willing to adjust to this new way of telling time.

The words on the screen are telling you how awesome it will look when you tell the time.  Then the arrows seem to be telling you to keep watching!

7 thoughts on “WATCH THIS watch design

  1. Yes, a clever play on words but I feel that this design is a bit rudimentary. I think it would be cool if this was an added time option, with the main display being more exciting and dynamic.


  2. How come we never hear feedback from the designer herself? Just other people’s comments. I think this design is quite fun, and would like to hear more about how Heather came up with it. Reminds me of a Japanese game when you point then try to confuse the other person, to see if they can follow along. Might be popular if the outlook was more refined.


    • Thank you for your comments, Tokyo Pimp! I was trying to come up with other ways of telling time that are not just 12-5-9. So I thought about how people are very familiar with the 4 main number placements on an analog clock: 12 – 3 – 6 – 9. This can split up hours into 4 groups of three, which are very easy to recognize – less counting involved. The hands on an analog clock are like arrows, so my arrows do the same thing, only they don’t start from the center.


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