Detoir – A Watch Design For Men

Design submitted by Evans from the USA.

Evans previously submitted the “Today and Into The Future LED Watch Design” and says “by listening to critics of my previous design, I have taken the bad points and good points and developed this unique, but yet very masculine design.”

The time is easy to read, see the pictures below for clarity. There are 6 hours (1 hr bars)in the inner cirle, inside the inner circle is the 7+ hour bar, the mid circle are the 6 (10 min bars) the outer most circle shows a 5 minute bar and 4 single minute bars.

Designed for men, young and old, Evans says that the detail and uniqueness make this design different.

7 thoughts on “Detoir – A Watch Design For Men

  1. With some refinement, I can see myself wearing this watch design. The case has potential. I really don’t like the strap though, it looks like a frame… How could it be adjusted for my small wrist? Reminds me a little bit of the Galaxy watch design. Would the LEDs all be blue in this design?


  2. There are some interesting ideas here, I think. The display has an interesting layout, but I’ve noticed that you’ve got more LEDs than you need. The +7hr dot in the middle only needs to be +6hrs, with five segments around it (after 11:59 pm, everything goes back to 00:00, so you only need to count hours up to 11), and the same thing goes for the minutes: You only need 5 10-minute segments.
    I like the strap, but I tihnk it would benefit from some refinement, perhaps a couple more links. And some more detail in the rendering so it’s possible to see how it’s put together…

    One detail that strikes me as a little bit funny, and I’m not being negative since I quite like the concept, is that for a watch explicitly designed ‘for men’, you’ve chosen a pink background… I don’t think it’s a problem since I don’t think ‘manly’ vs ‘womanly’ is terribly important, I just noticed it…


  3. クモの巣みたいなパターンがおもしろいですね。ただ、なんとか読み方はわかったのですが、もう少し、分の表示の部分を整理したほうがいいんじゃないかと思います。


  4. mmm I don t want to be too bad here but black and dark gold ( on a pink background) with a shape of a spider web is not exactly the style of watch designed for men I would personaly wear… but that s only me.


  5. Reminds me of that old 70 video game where you roll the ball to shoot into the centre. Wonder if the designer go the idea from that. Could go more that direction even. Cool design. So many good designs on this Blog I am getting addicted.


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