A concept with an always on LCD display and user selectable LED backlighting meaning that the time can always be read at a glance and you can choose the color of the display. The square case and tapered strap are designed in a simple manner, the glass reaching right out to the edge of the case. Single minutes are shown in digits in the central circle, hours are shown by the single LCD block moving around the central circle and five minute groups are shown by the outer LCD block moving around the circle. Seconds are also shown on the very outer circle.


11 thoughts on “Echo

  1. excellent ideea for changing the colors. I like the ideea of showing the time in this way, I mean the single minutes ar shown in digital way.

    The posibilities of changing the colour is a great choise. Imagine that you can switch the color u like, or if you have a blue shirt, you can switch hte clock to be blue also.

    The shape, which is pretty simple, goes perfectly with this model.

    The point of showing seconds on the display, is pretty cool, because it gives a very dynamic look for the watch.

    I really like it. !!!


  2. Very good design. Seems white (or silver?), but I like the light coloured case. The idea of being able to change colours and have it ‘always on’ is great and is an improvement, as it allows the at a glance option. I also like the seconds feature and I think it should be extended to all TFlash watches. I think a day/date feature would also be good. I think this is one of the best yet, (subject to having a day/date feature as mentioned and perhaps usb charging).


  3. I love this. The only issue I have with it is reading it, but hey, that’s true for all your watches, and is quite the point of tokyoflash watches. ;P It’ll just take some time to get used to it.

    I would definitely buy this if you guys catch me at the right time financially. 😛


  4. I like this watch a lot, but I’d like it a lot more if it was a square inside a square. I really like that it displays the seconds. I’d also like the band to be a tad bigger or the face a tad smaller, it doesn’t have to be flush with the band but I think it’d look better a bit bigger. I’d also think it’d be cool, maybe for this watch or a future model, to install a small temperature sensor, and have the led change color as the temp does.


  5. Yeah, this is a bit different. Not so keen on the square case / round face combination but as Gabriel says, selectable LED colours is good for coordinating your wardrobe.

    With this one, I would like to see this time displayed slightly more directly, hours, five minute groups, single minutes, seconds all moving out from the centre for example.

    Love the square shape too.


  6. The things I like most re the fact that it’s simple in design and time telling, also it looks like a morpher from Power Rangers


  7. This watch is Sick!!( I mean that in a good way) I usually prefer watches that don’t have a white coloring but on this one it looks awesome.


  8. As other have said, great concept.

    I have a few questions though:

    Would the actual face (the circle) be raised at all? Or would it be flat?

    What do the two buttons do? I assume they are used to change the time, but they are so large and obvious that it kinda goes against the whole “hands free” design.

    How much light does the face give off? I assume a lot, with color changing backgrounds and an always on display. This may seem counter intuitive, but how about an off button? Or even better, brightness control with the lowest setting being no light.

    What is the purpose of the 12 blocks in between the seconds and five minute indicators? What if that became the five minute blocks, with an unlit block indicating the 5 minutes, and the whole round face shrunk a little? Then the square face could shrink, to keep the nice proportions, and the chains from the band could be made to match up with the edges of the square face.

    For the single minutes, could you make them more uniform? They should all be centered, first of all. Secondly, that four looks horribly obese. Something like these might be nice
    _ _ _
    | | | _| _| |_|
    |_| | |_ _| |

    And why not make the black circle around the single minutes a PM indicator? During the morning, the circle would light up and the displayed number would be dark, making it visible. In the afternoon, the circle would go dark and the number itself would light up. Or vice versa.

    And, along the lines of crazy awesome ideas, like Wills suggested temperature sensor, a compass option, with with either the hours or five minutes indicator as the needle (or even the seconds for more precise measures), would be really cool (albeit unrealistic at this time).


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