A convex case finished with a polished coating gives this concept a minimalist look. The interface has robotic character, with three circles indicating hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes with red LEDs.


9 thoughts on “Robot

    • No, is not a mistake. The hour position is indicated by the red led which is not lighted. same for the minutes.

      I like it, but I prefer some other shape, not circle. I prefer rectangular shapes. Maybe an hexagon it would be great. And a silver titanium color sounds excellent.

      It is difficult to choose the answer No, because I like all the watches produced by TokyoFlash.


      • Sorry about that, should have made it clearer. The time is indicated by the unlit LEDs.


  1. I like this one a lot. I like the round shape, it makes for variety (compared to the other TFlash watches). I like how the time is displayed. I think the PM indicator could be placed outwith the time circles, perhaps in one of the corners of the screen. I think a day/date feature would be good as well. Looks great in silver, but having a black option would also be good. There is almost something ‘retro’ about it, which I like a lot.


  2. Love the design – I want one now!!!!

    Rememberd this site as I need a new watch but the Rogue design has now sold out – Boo Hoo !!!

    Might be tempeded by Changing Lanes, though.


  3. This reminds me a little bit of Twelve Five Nine Q. This one does have a robotic edge, the display is almost like a face. I think red suits quite well. Not my favourite design but it’s definitely cool.


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