The Future is Calling

The large raised dial in the centre of this Bluetooth wrist watch concept creates an ergonomic appearance.

The aluminum strap and case will ensure a lightweight feel and the large control buttons will be simple to navigate. Time is displayed with LEDs in and around the dial.

Bluetooth technology lets you connect wirelessly to your electronic devices so that you can control your mp3 player and answer mobile phone calls wirelessly at the touch of a button.

A speaker and microphone are integrated so that you can communicate clearly without the need to wear earphones.


7 thoughts on “The Future is Calling

  1. Cool, it has way more futuristic and fresh look then the last bluetooth watch, but I don’t like the 2 minutes group idea, make the segments bigger and make each segments 10 minutes long.


  2. Nice concept, The latest Bluetooth, or Phone watch i seen always have touch screens.

    This one i like because it can connect to your MP3 player, and phone wireless.

    One suggestion i can say is have a Device that allow bluetooth connect to the MP3 Players that doesn’t have the Bluetooth Feature.


  3. Thanks very much for the comments so far. Any more feedback on the functions of this bluetooth watch?


  4. Excellent Concept. Functionality and Artistic qualities equally dazzling. Need to be Iphone compatible to reach wide mass market appeal.
    Would be even more impressive if the raised dial was retractible as to prevent scratches and dings


  5. this is nice. i would like to see the center raised dial to be 1/4 the current height above the watch face. bluetooth functionality may be limited to the power of the speaker. how many watts will it be? 0.2? 0.5? 1? will the mic have echo cancellation? i would also like to see a micro SD card slot and micro USB charging option. then this could replace all my thumb drives that i tend to lose.


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