ZooM LCD watch gets up close with time.

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I started to think about a cool way to show numbers by making use of the negative space.  So I tilted the digits, and zoomed in, cutting off the upper left and bottom right corner of each digit, which surprisingly does not affect the ability to identify them.

The spaces within each digit and between them are arranged in a grid, allowing the black part of the display to be read easily as digits that have no spaces between segments.

This is a fashion watch, meant for those who like an easy, slightly off-kilter read-at-a-glance display, while still in a cool looking shell.

This design,in the right proportions, could easily be appropriate for either a man or a woman.

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ZooM LCD watch gets up close with time., 3.7 out of 5 based on 44 ratings

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28 Responses to “ZooM LCD watch gets up close with time.”

  1. avatar Bryce says:

    I really like this watch simple and symplistic. My only problem is I almost want a little more style or flashy band. Maybe if it had some white design on the black part. But cool design overall! Good Job :)

    • avatar Heather says:

      Thanks for your input, Bryce. You might want to take a look at Patrick’s design – he had a similar idea to this one, which was posted not too long ago (see Patrick’s comment for the link).

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Heather, I see that my “Hiding-Watch” has influenced you, because if you notice on my models presented, there is a version of positive and negative.
    I can not give you a “Yes” on the idea, because it is mine.

  3. avatar Pete says:

    Looks nice Heather and I like the simple style of the strap and body. I think the orientation of the display is fine for people who wear their watch on their right wrist, but less optimised of for people who prefer their left.
    I think the option to somehow switch the orientation to suite leftys too would be good (alltho I dont know ihow feasible that is) either way looks coolio! 5/Y Bets of luck! :D

    • avatar Heather says:

      that sounds like a good suggestion, Pete. But honestly, if TF likes these digits, I think they should make Patrick’s Hiding-Watch. Although we came up with the idea separately, he executed it better. ;)

  4. avatar Jonathan says:

    I like it, very minimalist and clean. BUt I’d like the digits to be arranged vertically so it can be read like a conventional watch.

    • avatar Heather says:

      Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your suggestion. I actually did try arranging these digits vertically, but it did not give the same feel. The way they are here, the top and bottom borders of the display seem to be cutting off the digits, but that illusion disappears when you arrange them vertically. You also might want to check out Patrick’s version using very similar digits, but arranged in quadrants, called “Hiding-Watch”. (see comments above for the link)

      • avatar Jonathan says:

        I see, well I’d still get it should it be made if only for the very clean design. I love anything minimalist when it’s done right.

  5. avatar alex322 says:

    Its a good idea, but personally…I dont like it because its just too easy to read, tokyoflash is about hard to figure out at first glace, I seriously looked at it and was like, 12:45 most watches I look at I have to look how to read it.

  6. avatar Jorge Luis says:

    What about, keeping the same idea of the zoom, to put one number behind the other, as a deck of cards inside a tunnel, one number behind (or upon) the other but smaller?

  7. avatar Brent says:

    very cool and easy to read once you get the hang of it. 5/5

  8. avatar Peter says:

    I’m not sure about this one… 3/5 stars…
    Keep up the good work.

  9. avatar ajw002 says:

    Hi Heather. I love the band on this watch. Make a red one for me. I’m new to this blog and have a question: what design app did you use? Since I am only 11 I just have drawings. Please tell. Me what app u used. But ZooM is still a 5 star watch

    • avatar Heather says:

      hi, ajw. thanks for your comment. i used google sketchup and paint shop pro for this one, but more recently, i’ve been using google sketchup with a plugin to export to kerkythea (3d rendering software) – both applications are free, and it really makes my work look more realistic. :) thanks for your vote, and good luck!

  10. avatar ajw002 says:

    Thank u so much.

  11. avatar dzign555 says:

    Nice work, Heather! 5y

  12. avatar Makkovik says:

    The ideas to put the digits in a single row, at an angle & cutting the top and bottom are nice, but the chosen angle seem wrong. ( the animation would be good if the display was horizontal )

    I like the black textile/ruber band with gray ss case combo.

    But I prefer Patrick version.