Talking watch with Music Player

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: Often my friends tell me that at Tokyoflash watches are very beautiful, but they are complicated to decipher. So for once (the exception proves the rule), I reflected on a watch very easy to read, so that as many can benefit from advanced technology and unique know-how of the team Tokyoflash.

The “Talking-Watch” analog has a function “speaking clock” programmable from a computer, with a selection of languages corresponding to your country.

Its recharge is done by USB cable connected to the computer. There is also a function MP3.

The “Talking-Watch” seduce most of us (man and woman), for its innovative design, very modern and its many functions.

First quality: The visually impaired will be seduced by this watch universal.

Second: Talking function is programmable in many ways, among other things, a birthday with personalization (example: “I love you Aiko” in the selected language and according to his repeated desire).

Third: The watch case is in line with the bracelet, which gives finesse and lightness.

Personalized alarms will be available on the site of Tokyoflash while being recorded after the purchase of the “Talking-Watch”, fidélisant thus, the new purchasers.

The function in “speaking” mode (which can be deactivated) is programmable automatically, every 4/5 minutes or the every 1/2 hour or every hour, according to your desire…

To each time the hour arrives, the watch speaks and LEDs correspondents vibrate with a soft pulsation to indicate the programmed hour.

With each pressure of the corresponding button, the watch speaks and give you the hour of the moment.

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39 Responses to “Talking watch with Music Player”

  1. avatar Patrick says:

    Thank you to all the team Tokyoflash which publishes this new project.

  2. avatar mushy says:

    Very stylish Patrick! ;) 5Y

  3. avatar NetSkipper says:

    Don’t really need the “talking” funcionallity, but the design is above all praise.
    I would deffinitely buy this one if it’ll make production.
    It would be superb if the color of the led will be interchangable, i.e. I will decide what color, and change it when I feel to.. ;)

  4. avatar alex322 says:

    Wow…I dont know what to say! All I can think of is the best watch iv ever seen…ever 5/*

  5. avatar Eva says:

    Absolutely wonderful !

  6. avatar xian says:

    Hi, Patrick! I like the simple elegance of your design. The only suggestion I would make is regarding the representation of the ’4′ digit on the right–I would include the segment between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock, so it’s readable right-side up.

  7. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Patrick, I like the overall look and sleekness of this design. The talking clock features would be a real bonus for some users. I would prefer if the visible time telling maybe looked more unique, it as a simularity with “Nightvision”
    Maybe be if the hour markers were somehow part of the digits it would look more different. Either way nice work as allways 5/Y Best of luck sir! :D

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Pete, thank you for your vote.
      This watch is made ​​for a wide audience, so it is a bit “simple” reading? But your suggestions are interesting and I keep all the comments in my head for my next projects.

  8. avatar Bryce says:

    im a sucker for either simple or over the top cryptic lol and this simple watch is awesome. one of my favorites ive seen. i absolutely love the way the minutes are displayed! something about it is so intriguing and easily read. The talking function is kinda “ehh” for me but everything else is immaculate. Only thing I would worry about is the holes in which the LESs are displayed look small so I hope it can be easily read especially in daytime. But none the less superb design. If it’s made I will buy!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Hi Bryce, reading this watch is deliberately simple to read for a wide audience, but your idea is interesting and cryptic version (without sound) is feasible, I’ll think about it for a future project.
      Thank you for your comment and your vote!

      • avatar Patrick says:

        For reading small holes for the LEDs, it must be readable in daylight, because my computer to a small light that can be seen very well regardless of the surrounding brightness.

  9. avatar Heather says:

    i like it…the digits used for minutes remind me of some digits sam has used before, but this is different, because it also has a night vision flair to it – part analog, part digital. i don’t need the talking, but i like the way the case is in line with the bracelet – it looks very elegant. c’est tres jolie. 5*

    • avatar Patrick says:

      First of all cheer Heather and Firdaus for this splendid “Kisai X LED Watch”.
      Heather thank you for your comment, I’m glad that some people also like the simplicity of reading.
      For writing minutes, I had already prepared a long time ago, this design and, as usual, Did Sam who did everything and very well, publish before his project, I hope that it me will not hold rigour of it?

  10. avatar Firdaus R says:

    this watch has elements that I like. talking watch is my dream but as a comment above the design itself alrrady interesting. very good!

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Bravo to the superb “Kisai X LED Watch”!

      Firdaus, thank you for your comment, you say you’d like a talking watch Well, are you well the first on this dialogue space to consider that it is one more?
      I thought I had found the Holy Grail, but talking watches already exist, but they are not look very modern, so I dug the question.
      I’m glad you like it!

  11. avatar Sylvie says:

    Nice! I like the fact it can be wearable either by a man or a woman. The design is very clean.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Thank you very much Sylvie for your vote and more she talking clock function, personalized message during a gift, MP3 player …

  12. avatar Jose says:

    I agree with Sam’s comment.
    I’m not a fan of mixing a watch with an MP3 or a camera or video etc..
    To me a watch is a watch with more or less features but only a watch
    Your concept has very appealing elements particularly the design of the case, so you have my support.
    Good luck!. 5/Y. :)

    • avatar Jose says:

      Sorry Patrick
      I meant “I agree with Pete’s comment”

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Thank you for your vote Jose.
      A watch can have multiple functions (eg Sam with “OTO LCD Kisai Watch”) and in my design, you can deactivate or activate the sound, with the choice?
      If you offer this Watch to your darling and that you have it programmed with a word of personalized love, I’m pretty sure she would appreciate this “detail”, right?

  13. avatar Jorge Luis says:

    I like the style of the watch and its simplicity. So, for me it’s 5*. :)
    About the talking watchs, this is another thing. Anyone will want a talking watch, more if is based on a Tokyoflash’s design (or submitted design). But then they will need support to deliver it in any language (or have the commercial rights to use the voices). For the customized message, I suppose an audio file sent by the purchaser would be enough…

    • avatar Patrick says:

      Thank you for your vote and your comment, Jorge Luis.
      The spoken voice are electronic (in any language), but if the charm of a personalized voice is possible (talking clock) why not, but be the copyrights of those Tokyoflash, as copyright for design watches and alarm bells recuillies site of TF. The custom message for birthday or otherwise, shall be made ​​by one offering the watch or simply by its owner.

  14. avatar lolo says:

    i’m found of the concept (a talking watch!).

  15. avatar paule says:

    So original: a talking watch with nice colors and personnal sounds: i’de like to have one soon!

  16. avatar Vivine says:

    I love all your watches.

  17. avatar etixidor says:

    What a wonderful project!!! I hope we we ll wear it soon!!!!!!!!

  18. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look. I would buy a black with red/green light.