Broadcast watch manages your digital life.

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: My watch design this time is a bluetooth watch with focus on broadcasting synced information and updates from smartphone: This can include; Email (from & subject), message, incoming call, Facebook notification, tweet, subscribed news (headline), to do list etc…

The watch features simplicity in term of design and technology adequate for broadcasting simple information in form of text. This watch design uses segmented LCD with EL back-lighting and 5 LED indicators each for every broadcasting function selectable by user. There will be a smartphone companion app  to allow user to change which info to appear for each line. When bluetooth sync is enabled, the watch will automatically broadcast latest updates respectively. The broadcasted information scroll in loop. When there’s new update, the LED indicator will blink and the new info will overwrite the previous one. When bluetooth sync is disabled, the watch will only show time or along with date.

The broadcast watch is simply useful for user to be keep updated without having to swap the phone every time. There is time like when driving, meeting, dating, during lecture, dining etc. when the phone is wisely kept in pocket. The watch will stylishly blink and user can view what update at a glance.

The principle of this watch is simplicity and just for broadcasting purpose. The design is simply as it’s function. Simply that. Not complicated.

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Broadcast watch manages your digital life., 3.8 out of 5 based on 52 ratings

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19 Responses to “Broadcast watch manages your digital life.”

  1. avatar Rob A says:

    Yes. Please, yes.

  2. avatar Thomas says:

    Too bulky for my taste.

  3. avatar Heather says:

    it looks super cool, and the concept is pretty awesome. great job showing the sample smartphone app, and the sample animation is really neat! for me, this is too bulky, but considering the awesome functionality, the size might even be something that can be overlooked.

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      This is not final product Heather, so I think a proper comment should be… I hope it will not bulky…. blah blah… lol if a watch design is 2d or 3d with weird or improper modelling/rendering I wouldn’t say this is just 2d so I’m not buying it (will I get a piece of paper board?).

  4. avatar Bryce says:

    Unfortunately I can’t see this being made. It’s looks like it would be too crowded and overwhelming. And I don’t think everyone would like it because not everyone has a facebook and a twitter. I think it would be cooler if those social functions were replaced with maybe schedule reminders or a to do list or something. Maybe even the weather. but I can’t even see the social networks portion being helpful. Sorry.

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      I can’t see the future because I’m not a fortune teller. If you understand the concept, every line can be customized by user. You may change a line to broadcast weather, or alarm, or to do list et cetera. I can’t see this being made either, since I’m just a designer, but who knows.

  5. avatar Pete says:

    Looks very cool Fir! in a geeky techno way. I like the industrial look and busy-ness of the display. I just dont know if its unique enough for me tho. I support it either way so best of luck sir! :D

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Firdaus, beautiful presentation, as usual, but I’m not a fan of computers on the wrist, a little complicated to read and most importantly, it takes time to see everything, I have my smartphone for that.
    Beautiful work of animation and beautiful look, just for that, it deserves 5 ​​* and Yes.

  7. avatar gordon says:

    i must comment, pretty cool and great presentation

  8. avatar Jonathan says:

    One word sums this up for me… Cyberpunk.

  9. avatar Peter says:

    I’m sure I have seen something very similar to this one before… but where??
    So I’m not sure about it, but I kinda like it :)

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      Hi Peter from Denmark. Yes I have feeling seeing it somewhere too, but I’ve checked but could found one, such a de ja vu hehe ;-) please let me know if you recall. BTW thank you for liking the design ;-)

  10. avatar Samukun says:

    Pure and functional: great. Cool newsticker style. Big flat rectangle on my wrist: nah… I need a little more design. Good luck f1r!

  11. avatar Firdaus says:

    Thank you TF and everyone for the feedback!

  12. avatar Bryce says:

    Firdaus I meant by no means to be disrespectful. Seeing as I haven’t sent in any watch designs I cant talk. And I truly hope your watch gets made! :) I just can’t see myself wearing it. And that’s my own personal opinion. I could be extremely wrong however and I support whoever want this watch to be made so they can wear it. It’s just not my fave. However I give you mad respect for a cool design

  13. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    I really like the concept, best of luck with it Firdaus 5/Y :)

  14. avatar darren says:

    This is a no brainer why is this not for sale. Keep it bright, keep it think, you will sell more than all others combined.

  15. avatar Makkovik says:

    Not my cup of tea. I would pass. ( & I don’t have a smartphone, & don’t have plan to get one )