(English) DotScreen watch; bold design, simple to use.

(English) Design submitted by José from Spain.

José says: Once again, I would like to share with you this new concept of reading and displaying time. DOTSCREEN watch.

DOTSCREEN, has its origin in a grid formed by 60 dots (or graphic signs: letters, symbols, shapes … etc) in horizontal and 60 vertical columns, equivalents to 3600 dots, each dot represents 1 second so that the entirety of the grid represents 1 hour.

To show how run time, the screen is always ON. The procedure followed is the color inversion, meaning that if the dot is white will become black or vice versa according to the design of the numbers that appear the hours. I think you can use E-PAPER technology, LCD or TFT.

The seconds reading is done horizontally and vertically the minutes. The color background and filling the numbers are white or black and are alternated, so if the background is white the number will be black and vice versa in the new screen that will go appearing as the seconds will elapse.

I think DOTSCREEN is easy to understand and read, is a new concept, unique and very versatile, so you may like to many kinds of people because it supports several finishes and several combinations between materials.

For enhanced accuracy and comfort to read and measuring time, I added in the left, right and bottom of the bezel indicators numbers of minutes and seconds respectively by means of LEDs that light up progressively according to the information displayed in screen 5, 10, 15 … corresponding to the minutes and 15, 30, 45, to the seconds.

A small touch display allows us to see the date, alarms, or display the time according what the user selects. After preset time of this information, this display is in standby mode until the user decides to go back again.

I hope you enjoy this new concept. Thanks for the comments and ratings.

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(English) DotScreen watch; bold design, simple to use., 4.3 out of 5 based on 106 ratings

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51 Responses to “(English) DotScreen watch; bold design, simple to use.”

  1. avatar Jorge Luis より:

    This is an amazing design. I’m not sure if 3600 dots is too much to refresh, maybe using 60 and making 5 dots by line will do the same. There are been many comments about the refresh rate of the e-paper… but it would be a fabulous watch. *****/Yes.

    • avatar Jose より:

      Thanks for your comment and your rating.
      Really do not know the extent of refreshment E-paper screen or its density … I thought more about the concept than their possible technical development.
      Regards :)

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    I love the look of this watch, modern, rather intended for men, cons, I did not understand the reading? I’ll be back later with the spirit cooler.
    Already 5 * and yes for Jose, beautiful drawing!

    • avatar Jose より:

      Thanks for your comment and your support.
      I’ve left the links below to see some animations of how work this concept.
      Thanks for sharing

  3. avatar Pete より:

    It took me a while to understand what the large numbers being created by the dots were, but once I realised that they were the next hour being created graduly all became clear. My on feedback would be the size of the LEDs could be bolder and I wonder if a e-paper or LCD display could be that dense (3600 dots etc) but thats about it really. Looks great, great presentation. Looks really professional.
    Great job Jose! 5/Y Best of luck!

  4. avatar Jose より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog
    To illustrate this concept you can see some animations here:




    Thanks for sharing

  5. avatar Raquel より:

    Amazing work again!! I like the original and modern design.

  6. avatar xian より:

    Looks great, Jose! What modeling/rendering software do you use?

  7. avatar Andrés より:

    Como últimamente este creador y diseñador nos está dejando con la boca abierta. Desearía que este nuevo proyecto alcanzara la meta prevista.

  8. avatar Heather より:

    very creative idea. i like it, but too masculine for me. great work, though! :)

  9. avatar Dani より:

    It is a very innovative idea. I will vote and good luck with this project. :)

  10. avatar dani より:

    Looks really great Jose, i love it. I like the design, and the time reading concept is so original.
    It took me some minutes to understand it, but it’s really fun and easy to read. i like the screen drawing changing every second. I’d like to watch the animations, but i didn’t find the links…
    if u would accept a suggerence, i’d like the copper design with dots in black and other colour instead of white, maybe a copper colour or maybe green as copper roofs.
    hope to see it done, good luck!!

  11. avatar Jose より:

    Thanks dani for your comment and suggestions.
    Unfortunately the videos are waiting to be approved by the moderator
    (hopefully very soon because they explain clearly how the watch works)

  12. avatar Samukun より:

    Really cool idea José! An hour divided into its seconds!! Very nice how you created these markers next to the display! Helpful and stylish. If it can be done, I’ll buy it. 5*/YES

  13. avatar Bonesey より:

    As always a really great concept with excellent execution. Using E-ink technology will really help with battery life in a real world application as well.

  14. avatar Alberto より:

    Hola Jose, diseño espectacular,moderno funcional con una linia esbelta, con una tecnologia avanzada
    me gusta mucho ,sigue asi que vas bien
    Un saludo

    • avatar Jose より:

      Muchas gracias Alberto por tu comentario y por tu apoyo.
      Lamento que no se vean los vídeos. No se que pasa…

  15. avatar Jens より:

    Triple E. Elegant design, enigmatic idea and excellent presentation.
    I would not hesitate to buy it!

  16. avatar mushy より:

    It’s very nicely presented Jose. Good luck with it. ;)

  17. avatar RyanMcG より:

    Very fresh, easy to read once you figure it out and fairly stylish. It’d certainly consider it. Well done.

  18. avatar Jorge Luis より:

    I found a possible problem with the colors. Supossing is 3 o’clock, the first line of the 4 will look the same as the first line of the 3 (except the beginning dots). There are many second (or minutes if Tokyoflash make a reduced version) that you will not notice.

    • avatar Jose より:

      Thank you very much for the observation Jorge,
      If you look at the diagram that include the numbers you will see that the number 4 can have a coincidence with the number 3 in those early lines that correspond exactly to 9 minutes, time will begin to change the whole screen white to black.

  19. avatar Iria より:

    Veo que ultimamente no paran de salir nuevos diseños de este diseñador,y la verdad es que me gusta su estilo,no entiendo porque no hay ninguno en el mercado,yo desde luegolo compraría.

    • avatar Jose より:

      Muchas gracias por tu apoyo y comentarios.
      Ayúdame a difundir el concepto tanto como puedas y tal vez se pueda concretar alguno de mis diseños.
      Un cordial saludo

  20. avatar Jose より:

    Thanks TF for authorizing the videos.
    Now you can see in the links above

  21. avatar sara より:

    está muy bien..la verdad es que es diseño puro y duro…

  22. avatar crischispa より:

    enhorabuena, es fascinante, ojala que tengas mucha suerte porque te la mereces es precioso!

  23. avatar josefa より:

    Congratulations, great job

  24. avatar lucy より:

    Is beautiful

  25. avatar Firdaus R より:

    I really like the concept
    Great job as usual
    5/Y_ ;-)

  26. avatar Paco より:

    Very appropriate for players of Real Madrid

  27. avatar darren より:

    Practical yet so Channel! The copper metal color with date on the edge makes the clear winner.Ypu have achieved the perfect balance of less is more with a design people don’ need to be embarrased to show off!

  28. avatar Javier より:

    El diseño del reloj es impresionante. Yo lo quiero ya!! Cuándo estará a la venta?

  29. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the overall look. I like to have the date on a separate screen.

    It can’t be done with e-paper, because the refresh rate is slower than 1 per second. ( This can easily be fixed. Ex : if the refresh rate is, let say, 1.55 seconds, then 1 segment could count for 2 seconds )

  30. avatar Jose より:

    I would like to close this entry, thanking TokyoFlash, the opportunity to show and share this concept.
 And of course, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to see, rate, leave a coment and support this concept.
See you in the next submission.
    Until then … Enjoy! :)

  31. avatar Sophie より:

    Superbe montre! Le modèle est très élégant et très original…
    Congratulations José

  32. avatar Moon より:

    I really appreciate this stylish design. It’s not only modern but also very special. Youtu.be link really helps to understand the concept.
    Good Luck with this proyect