Time with a Twist – Combination Watch

Design submitted by Sarah from the UK.

Sarah says, “I came up with this watch design when randomly when opening a security lock at work. I was thinking… wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if a watch did that too?

In order to display the time, the 360 degree dial around the edge must be turned and acts like a switch. The cool thing is, you can set the watch so it only displays on a specific combination of turns! E.g. 3-left, 2-right, 1-left!


I think the idea for this watch is quite unusual and could appeal to anyone really! Especially with alternate colour options. I don’t believe it would be difficult to manufacture either.


I just think this concept is a bit different and unusual, and allows for individual personalisation due to being able to set your on unique combination to activate the watch. Hope you like it!”  :)

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Time with a Twist - Combination Watch, 3.4 out of 5 based on 54 ratings

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18 Responses to “Time with a Twist – Combination Watch”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    Cool way to activate the watch, especially the combination lock option, and also nice colors. The numbers look good with their little gap :) I wished, the circle segments would be more involved in the time telling or the display would be less emtpy. The combination lock idea is a nice inspiration and could offer some cool display elements… Congrats to further 3D fun. The straps could be wider for me, but seem to have the right width for the most girls. Good luck Sarah!

    • avatar Sarah says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I guess I felt that some of my other designs were a little too over the top or complicated with the way they displayed the time, so for this one I tried to make it more straightforward and basic… maybe too basic ^^; lol

  2. avatar Jonathan says:

    I like the design, but the dial switch seems way too prominent in my opinion. Maybe if it were a little more flush with the rest of the casing?

    • avatar Sarah says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I think you might be right, perhaps I should have shrunk it down a little… I just wanted to ensure it was easily usable by any fingers (as opposed to digging a nail in) :)

  3. avatar xian says:

    Cool idea! What about eliminating the physical dial mechanism and having to ‘turn’ a touch screen face with two fingers?

  4. avatar Pete says:

    I like the basic premis, I did something on a similar line a while back so fully support the idea. Like Sam I would like the time to be more involved with the un-locking process somehow. I like the bright colour and the illumination aspect. Also your Cad skilz are improving fast which is nice to see. Support worthy concept 5/Y Best of luck Sarah! :D

    • avatar Sarah says:

      oops sorry I didn’t realise that (-.-; ), but I’m glad that you like it! :) Yeah I think I should have made it a little more complicated than it is… things to take on board for another time ;) thanks again!

      • avatar Pete says:

        hehe no worries, the GMTA thing is difficult to avoid. My design was over a year ago and was completely different besides the twist element. Sounds like your already planning your next submission, best of luck with that one too! :D

  5. avatar dzign555 says:

    I’ve given you a 5y for creativity, Sarah. The watch needs an optional always-on display for me to purchase it – I prefer not to have to activate anything to see the time. I also think the design needs a bit of an overhaul…the numbers are a little old-school digital, and the watch looks too feminine for me – I’d only be able to buy one for my sister or girlfriend. Keep up the good work – it looks like you used Sketchup and Blender, right?


    • avatar Sarah says:

      Not sketchup for this one, but spot on with blender ;)

      I imagine an ‘always on’ option could be built in without much effort (right TF? ^^ ). As for the watch being feminine, I guess that was sort of the intent in the back of my mind as I don’t see that many watches that are aimed at women on here… however, thicken the strap and perhaps shrink the dial as suggested in one of the above comments and it would probably look more masculine.

      Thanks again for the comments and feedback, appreciate it! :)

  6. avatar Sarah says:

    Thanks for the comments and feedback all! I’ve not been back to the site for a little while so didn’t realise they’d posted another design lol, so thanks also to Tokyoflash for that! ^^

  7. avatar Graham says:

    Looks awesome! A must for anyone who works in a high security environment!

  8. avatar CCCAAT says:

    Cool Design for a watch…
    Should be a standard in every 007 spy kit…

  9. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look. The turning disk idea is nice & feasible since the “Prologue by Mark Jenni” use it to setup the time. Depending on the color combo, I might buy. The band width might not be a problem for me since I have a small wrist.