Ito Zero LED watch uses outlines instead of digits.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: There is this wrist surrounding line (ito in japanese) which adapts in the case region to show the four digits of the time display. The line itself can always be seen completely, but it is not illuminated.

In the case region the line is translucent and lights up when a button is pressed thanks to subjacent LEDs. Next to this part of the line are trapezoid and rhomboid shaped LEDs. They also light up as well and tell you the time.

The different LEDs form futuristic numbers and partially let the line seem to be thicker, to keep the illusion, the line is adapting to tell the time.

There is also a smooth gradient between the unlit part of the line and the lit one to keep this illusion. The line is “drawn” on a black background and all is framed by chrome. This graphical element continues in the segmented strap and the clasp.

This watch covers a wide range of people. So anyone who likes modern arts and science fiction might be a fan of it.

Itozero is a watch with a unique and clear appearance. It uses simple elements to create a futuristic illusion.

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Ito Zero LED watch uses outlines instead of digits., 4.6 out of 5 based on 207 ratings

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65 Responses to “Ito Zero LED watch uses outlines instead of digits.”

  1. avatar darkness_hero says:

    I love this one ^ ^

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Does Sam want to purchase TF? eh eeeh
    5*/Oui, obviously!

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    5*/Oui, obviously!

  4. avatar mushy says:

    It’s nice Sam but maybe if the digits were more pointy it would look like a crack in time (Doctor Who). :) Just a thought. 5Y.

  5. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    Another epic masterpiece Sam, love this one 5/Y

  6. avatar Pete says:

    Very nice Sam, I think I like this more than online. Looks great and makeable too! 5/Y best of luck! (not that you need luck!) :D

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Tehehe, any luck is highly appreciated. Actually this concept is older than the ONLINE one;) It’s an attempt to revive my ITO idea in a feasable appearance. The ONLINE was another attempt, using more width of the display. Here it’s more subtle and “quiet”… until you press the button haha. Thanks alot for the comment Pete!

      • avatar Pete says:

        I figured it was a more realistic (from a technical persepective) version of ITO (another cool concept obviously) but assumed that it was more recent than online (vewry interesting) just goes to show age makes no difference to cool design! :D

  7. avatar dzign555 says:

    Sam…numbers! LOL I have to say, this is great because it’s really easy to read. My requirements, as always: always on, date and alarm.

    5* from me!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      LOL xD

      Naahhhh it’s tricky. LCD doesn’t look good every time, while LED is mostly off but when it’s on, it burrrrnnnnns hehe. I like how the Kisai Seven has animations throughout the day. Would work here too. Cool that you think it’s easy to read. I think we gathered the people here in this blog haha :D Thank you DZ!

  8. avatar Mr.Poly says:

    Mother of God I neeeeeeedddddd the black and blue one ! 5* for me tooooo

  9. avatar Goody says:

    Oh my god i neeeeeed this !!!!!

  10. avatar Francois says:

    The one I prefer in Tokyoflash

  11. avatar alald says:

    I want black and blue, really beautiful.

  12. avatar Cameron says:

    When could we see this for sale. I love it!

  13. avatar Firdaus says:

    Finally its here, and appeared after the release of Online. I think I should rethink abut the collaboration. This is already good, but I think the Online is better. This design is like a quarter element of Online. Still a 5* though, no doubt!

  14. avatar gquinet says:

    put it on kickstarter and i buy it immediatly! Really love this one

  15. avatar Tjonck says:

    J’adore !! J’en veux une !
    I love it and i want it.

  16. avatar Paul says:


    I just discovered it and this is stunning, i really want that watch!! I allready gave you 5 but i see that there are only 28 days remaining; does that mean that in 28 days we will know if we can actually buy the watch ? (hope so ^^).

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Aww Paul, I have to disappoint you here. Each watch gets a limited time for voting, so Tokfoslah can evaluate everything afterwards. If a watch gets made is held top secret until the watch comes out due to media strategies and possible copycats. And even if we knew it, it’s a long way from concept to reality. It’s a hard time now and all I can do is hoping too. Thank you for your interest and your support sir!

  17. avatar utaku says:

    I want it !

  18. avatar Heather says:

    great idea – same digits as online – easy to read. not feminine enough for me though, but i can picture it easily adjusted to be more feminine if tf wanted to. :) 5*

  19. avatar guic23 says:

    I really want black & blue!!!

  20. avatar Clément says:

    Awesome !

    I could imagine it on my wirst ! So hype and unique !

    En noir…magnifique, et la lecture de l’heure est simple !

    Bravo !

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Merci pour le dire! Si on ne veut pas l’apprendre, c’est difficile à la premiere minute et on s’absente. Mais si on l’aime on peut entrer une nouvelle monde de joie :)

      Thank you Clément for your comment!

  21. avatar Purplevil says:

    I want itttttttttttttttttttttt <3 <3 <3
    i hope it have not a too big thickness ! for my small wrist

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Nice, thank you!

      I have a small wrist too and I know your fear. I own a KISAI ONLINE. It is 1.4cm thick (in the middle). I thought that is was pretty big for me, but the shape of the case is well integrated in the whole watch so it looks less chunky than expected. Thinner would always be welcome ;)

  22. avatar Demo says:

    I am french but I speak english a little (sorry for faults).
    Do you think you’ll build this one and sell it ?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Salut Demo! Pas de problème, je respond avec mon francais très limité hehe. Je ne peut pas dire ca. Tokyoflash ont leurs propres pensées. Mais si on fait beacoup des bon commentaires et des bonnes evaluations (★) les pensées de Tokyoflash pourraient (?) poussées á la direction de produire la montre. Moi-même, je ne peut pas que espererer, comme vous. Merci bien pour votre intérêt!!

  23. avatar TFD says:

    I didn’t never wear watches, but if you sold this one, I’ll buy this one for sure…. That’s my favorite of this site.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thank you very much TFD. Actually for time telling, watches aren’t really needed anymore. If you re-discover them from a fashion and design perspective, that’s just great cause that’s how the concepts on here were meant. I’m glad you like this one and I hope you can wear it one day.

  24. avatar Marc says:

    I love it. If I had to choose my first watch, this should be the one ! Keep me one aside ;)
    By the way, did you think some options ? Like an alarm set or a calendar ? Or a connection with your cellphone, and a LED signal someone calling you ? … I think I’m going too far ^^ But reading time is good enough.

    5 ★, Tokyoflash, you have to produce Ito Zero LED ! Cant wait to get it.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hello Marc, that’s a nice comment!

      You’re not going too far here ;) Oh I’m open for alarm and date function. When Tokyoflash made my ONLINE concept real, they added an alarm function and cool animation and the accelerometer freature. So the customer baiting look is just the start. I think reading time is good enough but adding a feature that keeps you busy for a longer time, is great.

  25. avatar mauro says:

    Need ……..

    I buy lots of it

  26. avatar Bibish says:

    Très belle montre si elle est commercialisé j’en prendrais une dans la seconde ! Il manque peu être une photo porté au poignet pour voir la taille !

    Really beautifull ! i need to buy one too !

    But need pictures on someone to see size !

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hehe la taille est comme tu l’imagine ;) Mais je comprend ton argument. Si je prend (j’ai oublié le subjonctif) une taille mediocre par example, les gens avec des tailles petites ou grandes son’t déçu(e). Je suis content que la montre te plaise! Merci pour le commentaire!

  27. avatar guillom says:

    Very very nice!!!! O.O
    I absolutely want it!
    Tell me when it will become true!

  28. avatar Dam says:

    NEEEED !!! I’m in love with this watch 0_0
    The design is perfect ! I would definitely buy this ! Kickstarter is your friend :)
    PLEASE tell me when it’s available !!

    Nice work !

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hi Dam! Thank you for telling OuO hehe. The more I hear about Kickstartr, the more seriously I think about it. Whenever I got news, I’ll tell them!

  29. avatar Makkovik says:

    The idea and the display are nice. ( larger digits would be better ) The look of the band is not. There is a problem with the button position : it feel kinda hard to reach, which is important for an LED.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Naw Makk, you press it and your finger gets a li’l squeezed by the edge, that’s it ;) I liked to hide the button a bit to not have a **** setting the look in imbalance. But cool that you like the numbers: that’s where the concept started. Nice starting point for a real watch too :D Thanks for the insight!

  30. avatar Samukun says:

    I made an alternative that’s worth checking -> <u<

  31. avatar cks says:

    I searched a superb watch on the web and i find this one.
    it’s just a concept or one day i have the chance to buy it ?
    sorry for my english, i m french

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hello CKS!

      I’m glad you like this watch but I don’t know if it will ever become real. If it does I’ll tell it on my facebook page: . If you have forther questions you can ask me there too because commenting opportinity ends here today.

      Votre anglais est bien, mieux que mon francais ;)

      Thank you for the comment!

  32. avatar Samukun says:

    Thank you all for the support and for telling what you think! Was nice to re-read :)

    Stay tuned!!!

    Sam from Germany