(English) Tilt watch uses light, shadows to tell time.

(English) Design submitted by Ron from The Netherlands.

Ron says: I was playing around withe the iPad tilt function and wondered if I could make it work into a watch.

The watch should be sleek, sophisticated and simple. You see a lot of tiny cubes. By changing the tilt of the watch you change direction the light shines on the cubes. The numbers also consists of the same cubes but they stay the same so you can see them by changing the rest of the cubes by tilting the watch. Sounds hard but it is simple.

Nearly everybody. It will be a very nice show off plaything and sophisticated watch at the same time.

It’s a truly unique watch (if it can be made)!


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(English) Tilt watch uses light, shadows to tell time., 3.4 out of 5 based on 68 ratings

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18 Responses to “(English) Tilt watch uses light, shadows to tell time.”

  1. avatar Matt より:

    Awesome concept! Seems like an optical illusion to me. I especially love how you thought of making it so you can tilt it, and the light source comes from a different spot.

  2. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Fantastic. Best of 1st page. Me want. In fact, I like the display that is match enough with the face and strap. The watch is classy, minimal, casual, and artistic. I know people will be jealous to you. Personal appeal to Tokyoflash please considering making this! 5* starship!

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Nice project, Ron!
    5 * / Yes.

  4. avatar Pete より:

    Wow you have no idea how similar this looks to a design I have sitting on my computer which I havent submitted yet, its spooky! I was wondering whether or not to submit, this answers that question.
    I must admit I didnt use the tilt/light angle in the time telling, it was just and LCD shining through a cubey lens. But the visual was very similar. So I support it for two reasons, the similar look and the more advanced time telling method! 5/Y Best of luck!

  5. avatar Ron より:

    Thanks all. I’m not a watch designer so designing the face and strap can be done better I suppose. Although I don’t know if it can ever be made I really like the tilting idea to play with.

    • avatar Pete より:

      I guess it would be a similar process to the lenticular lens that Laszlo used recently. So its probably just a case of getting the angle of the faces right. I hope it can be done cos it would be awesome! :D

  6. avatar Stefan より:

    Ron, ik moet zeggen je ontwerp ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik volg de blog al een tijdje, en dit is een verademing om te zien in vergelijking na een hoop overdesigns wat ik de laatste tijd heb gezien. Ik vind dat ze het nieuwe concept van klok kijken veel te ver gaat. Je hebt voor een hoop designs een HBO opleiding nodig, of je moet wel haast autist zijn om er nog wijs uit te worden. Dat is gelukkig niet het geval bij jou horloge (positief bedoeld ****)
    alleen misschien wat meer kleur zou ik zeggen.

    PS als je horloge in productie mocht gaan verwacht ik wel een goede korting, pas nog een Denshoku besteld, en moest ruim 45 euro betalen.

    • avatar Ron より:

      Ik durfde hem ook al bijna niet in te sturen vanwege alle gelikte ontwerpen die ik hier steeds zie. Ik denk niet dat die ooit in produktie gaat maar je kan altijd hopen.

  7. avatar Stefan より:

    Sorry, Ik was even te snel ik bedoelde 45 euro aan belasting en invoer kosten.

  8. avatar Samukun より:

    Veeery cool idea! I like what you did there. I wonder what would happen if you used negative cubes for the numbers instead of empty ones, you know while the most cuber are convex, the number cubes could be concave. Anyway, the light idea combined with the tilt of the watch is so nice, 5*/YES

  9. avatar theov6 より:

    I really like the idea behind this watch. It also has a really cool, but still simple design. I’m only afraid of it becoming difficult to read.