V-BL47 LED watch crash-lands, walks among us!

Design submitted by Hea’thër from Bluton & Sam from Germany.

Hea’thër & Sam say:  In 1947, a Blutonian vessel crash-landed on Earth, and in searching through the debris, scientists were fascinated to learn that objects that came from the planet Bluton glow purple when exposed to Earth’s atmosphere. In view of the fact that the vessel’s crew was never recovered, many believe that there are Blutonian natives living among us today, hiding in plain sight. You may even be able to recognize them by their sense of style – all have an affinity for objects that remind them of their home planet, objects that glow.

The only working technology that scientists were able to recover from the crash site was a device that they later determined to be a Blutonian timepiece. The scientists were very intrigued by the advanced technology and worked to adapt the device for human physiology. The V-BL47 is the first successful application of Blutonian technology on Earth.

The display is ‘always on’ LCD, but the light up function will light up a backlight, 2 LEDs on the sides of the case that glow through two lateral translucent buttons, and 4 LEDs in the case that glow through and along the fiber optic lines along the strap. The watch can be set to light up every 30 seconds to show the time and fade out again. This feature is meant to mimic the glow of the Blutonian vessel which according to scientists appeared to have its own consciousness.

The material is a soft black silicone. The display is an arrangement of four digits around a circle. Each digit is a classic terrestrial 7-segment digit that has been distorted to fill a quarter-circle. The digits are oriented so that their bottoms are at the center with the top parts along the circumference of the display, and the time is read clockwise, beginning with the bottom digit. There is a 24 hour mode, an AM/PM mode, and a date mode. The left button is used for date mode, while the right button is used for time mode.

This is a watch for sci-fi and fantasy fans and for those Blutonians who appreciate a reminiscence of home.

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66 Responses to “V-BL47 LED watch crash-lands, walks among us!”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Too cool for school! nice collab guys, best re-work of a classic design yet! 10 Blutonian stars and yes sir and madam! :D

    • avatar Heather says:

      Thank you, Pete! This one means a lot to me, personally – so I put my favorite well-received display into it with an upgrade (thanks to Sam). :)

  2. avatar John says:

    Finally, a great looking and easy to read watch that will not question my IQ level

  3. avatar susan goldstein says:

    Love this watch!!! Finally a cool watch that a common person like me understands!!

  4. avatar Curt says:

    Great Job! :)

  5. avatar Cory says:

    Cryptic V2, sleeker, smarter, all around more awesome! Still one of my favorite time telling methods of all the ones on the blog. Awesome work! 5/y all the way down.

  6. avatar Evan S says:

    Great design! I love the colors and the sleek lines around the band. Of course the central concept for the numbers is great too – so easy to read yet such a cool sci-fi feel to it. I also like have you’ve created the cute story to go with it. Awesome job – would love to get the watch.

    • avatar Heather says:

      @Evan: Thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment and support! I’m glad you like the story. ;)

      @Cory: Good to see you recognized Cryptic V2 – It hasn’t been forgotten. :D Thank you sincerely for your comment, vote, and support!

      @Curt: Thanks for your support! :D

  7. avatar ninjadude38 says:

    fantastic design! ingenious numeral shapes, the super cryptic kind that when you first look at it you don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, and when it’s explained to you, it becomes pretty clear. very sleek and almost reminiscent of TRON. ***** and a round of applause.

  8. avatar Phil says:

    Awesome design. If you use RGB LEDs with a controller you could make it glow almost any colour you want. Or glow different colours for each segment. Love the Cryptic V2 also.

  9. avatar rivik says:

    One of the coolest designs I’ve seen! Purple’s my favorite, and they’re all surprisingly easy to read. I have a sci-fi friend who would wear this religiously.

  10. avatar rivik says:

    Also, why do I have the feeling that this would be a huge hit at MIT?

    • avatar Heather says:

      thanks for your comment and support! MIT is probably home to many Blutonians (we’re very good at math) ;)

  11. avatar glen1n says:

    Luv the design + colors. Lets make this a possibilty Tokyoflash !!

  12. avatar Rob says:

    Beautiful and fun to read without being too challenging! A definite winner and a watch that should be made!

  13. avatar Firdaus public says:

    So Heather, you are a blutonian? No wonder you walk like a zombie… ;-) hehe sorry just kiddin.. BTW yeah well, reminds of your version one. Very creative, and purple LEDs is best colour for this watch in my opinion. I missed to comment on the version one, but thanks I can comment on this one.

    So Samukun, finally the coming soon watch. Thanks for making this design more cryptic looking. I don’t think it looks like tron watch, it just combination of some designs and implementation to this design – I have my personal view on that.

    Peter said: Too cool for school! nice collab guys, best re-work of a classic design yet! 10 Blutonian stars and yes sir and madam! ;-)
    - I second this!

    • avatar Heather says:

      Hey, Fir! Actually, I’m half Blutonian – My father was from planet Bluton. ;)
      I’m so glad you appreciate the purple (as planet Bluton is, in fact, a purple planet). Blutonians love purple.
      Thanks so much for you comment, vote, and support!

  14. avatar Thomas Hudecsek says:

    Fantastic! I love every detail of your design. Please Tokyflash produce this. I will preorder immediately!


  15. avatar Chris Clarke says:

    Best watch design since Seven (Tron)!!! Make this happen!!

  16. avatar Patrick says:

    OK, you found me, I am Blutonian.
    Thank you to restore me my watch.
    A reward of 5 stars and Yes, you will be delivered!

  17. avatar Koryu says:

    That’s awesome! I love that it flashes and that it has light in the wristband. Would love it even more if it was an analogue design. Outer ring for hours, inner ring for minutes, or something like Rogue or seven.

  18. avatar Gordon says:

    soon to be a classic!! ” thanksgiving turkey dinner” 5*

  19. avatar Laszlo says:

    I want to use these objects and live Blutonia!
    An evergreen in purple. Great design. (again)

  20. avatar Charles says:

    Wonder if I’m actually a Blutonian without knowing because I like this too much!
    5/ and Yes!
    If this is made, I would get the black/turquoise one, maybe to make it look more sci-fi’ish use the same tech of the Night Vision and make the whole thing LED? would look exactly like your 3D render.
    LED or LCD it would look awesome!

    • avatar Heather says:

      Thanks for your comment, vote, and support, Charles!
      I bet you are Blutonian – you may even remember some of our language…
      I yllaer etaicerppa ruoy troppus!

  21. avatar RUSTY says:


  22. avatar RUSTY says:


  23. avatar Rascle McPherson says:

    Best design since the Kisai Seven! But now i’m torn! Canvas or V-BL47… With so many high quality, amazing looking, dream watches coming out, with the help of the house of Sam, its getting hard to know which is best! As they’re all amazing!

    This one is deceptively simple to read! ABSOLUTELY love the lights down the strap. more watches need this feature! It works great on the Kisai 7R0N! And with my alienware laptop and roccat mouse, i want more LED lights!!

  24. avatar timon33042 says:


  25. avatar Samukun says:

    Wooow! Thank you people for your comments and your support! Nice to read :D I’m glad about how the device is recieved. It was fun and an honor to collaborate with the heiress to the Blutonian legacy on Earth.

  26. avatar Alain says:

    How beautiful it is, it is imperative that TKF sure your creation, like a watch I bought on “should I say I like a lot…”

  27. avatar Avatara says:

    First of all, the back story is great & captured my attention.

    The display is very clever, no doubt about it. I remember it from the original post. It must be a contender; cryptic at first glance but simple to read when you know how. It has kind of a sci-fi feel.

    I thought this was designed as an LED watch, but I agree, LCD would work better with LED backlighting. The appearance wouldn’t be so luminous though I guess. If the fibre optic lines on the strap could be done, it would be incredible. I wonder what the options are here…

  28. avatar Heather says:

    @Alain: Thank you for your comment and support. It is truly appreciated.

    @Avatara: Thanks for taking the time to leave such a detailed review. Sam and I loved the story too.
    As for what the options are, I will leave that to Tokyoflash – hopefully they will decide to take this one on! :D
    As we say in Blutonian, “Yam eht elprup thgil enihs no su lla!”

  29. avatar Gregory C. says:

    This is too much, love the watch even the simple details looks, and if you dont know or didnt set your eye to what the lines in the display means, it just looks like some alien shapes or something and go mess with people to read it for you.

    Also i think ive seen this before but not very much, is the implementation of the adjustable strap lock, so you don’t have to do heavy modification to the watch. Im from the other side of the world and if i see this hit the store, i will definitely buy it.

    My inner geek is jumping.

  30. avatar DOUG " O.T.H. GANG " BORMIDA says:


  31. avatar Christina"supaskin"Nicole James says:

    Luv it;it is s
    o creative and energetic looking; Feel like i am inn the twilight zone.

  32. avatar Christina"supaskin"Nicole James says:

    Unbelievably unique;ready to go to the panet Bluton now; a sure sell.that

  33. avatar SKINS SUPERFAN says:

    This watch is the most unique and creative one that i have ever seen.It makes me want to go to Cape Canaveral and blast off to the purple planet,BLUTON.

  34. avatar Stephette Hogette says:

    This watch reminds me of the timepieces that we wear on my Home World. No earthling could have designed and marketed such a perfectly Blutonian object. Take my order now for 100 of them to give to my consorts during my next 100 hour leave on the Pleasure Planet.

  35. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh wow, people above, thank you so much for coming by and leaving some fluff :D

  36. avatar Ryan Webb says:

    Just one word sums this design up for me and thats “Epic”.

    I really hope this design is picked for development, as i can already see myself wearing one.

    Fantastic work.

  37. avatar fleich says:

    Beautiful ! <3 +5/y :)

  38. avatar Beldar says:

    Amazing, I hope they make it!

  39. avatar Neeque says:

    No messing, that’s my favourite watch of all time right there. I’d buy it right now if I could.

  40. avatar marek says:

    That’s the best watch of all time right there. I’d buy it right now. Please, make it!

  41. avatar NL1 says:

    Revelc yalpsid + yxes sepahs… em yekil ! (fiber optic stripes would be awesome)

  42. avatar Ari says:

    This is an astoundingly cool watch. I want one of these too. WOW. Concept is awesome. The purple or blue (hard to tell on my computer) and green are WAY awesoem. I would buy this in a heartbeat

  43. avatar Jrob says:

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat! So much swag. =) Beyond cool.

  44. avatar Tom Ghyllebert says:

    As long as the glowing goes around the watch and strap I’m up for it… So TRON…
    Just make sure those lines on the strap glow as well… and I’m five star all kinda happy

  45. avatar Angelos says:

    This Clock is Fantastic Me and my friend looked through all the watches in this blog
    and everyone agreed this Watch is the Best ever.


    Here goes my suggestions:

    1. Make an option to have Light Always on just like Kisai Seven

    2. I think Violet color is best it so pretty and different Violet color is a Must have
    But i would suggest you make a Red and Green version too.

    3. If you can you can make this Clock Multi color Led
    So that you can change between Red,Green and violet by pressing a button
    (there should be a extra button only for changing the light to change color easy)

    What can make this clock different from the rest is if you make it to change led color
    by pressing a button
    then everyone will be happy with the colors even if that mean higher price
    is hard to please everyone with just one color (but still violet is epic good)

    4. Quality Material even if that means higher price (soft,solid and compfortable just like kisai seven)

    5. Recharable battery but try to get one that last even longer than kisai seven battery if possible

    6. The button to change color can be placed on the strap on top near the clock
    i think is easyer to click that way if you have to change color often
    another option would be touching the clock surface (Touchscreen) to change color
    but the problem with touch technology is that higher the price too much.

    7. a Battery indicator somewhere that show how much % battery is left
    That would be very useful to know when to charge the watch

    8. Include a Wall charger to charge the clock (as well as you can charge it from the pc)
    with Kisai seven i dont know what wall charger to use since is not included and not meantion it in instruction

    Anyway This watch IS EPIC
    I think is the best watch since the Kisai seven
    Hope this watch will be made if lucky during late 2012

  46. avatar palley says:

    I was so impressed by this design that I decided to add my endorsement. I was looking for a gift for my grandson (9) and saw this design. It’s unique, easiy to read, and sure to confound the adults…a multi win situation.

  47. avatar Josh says:

    So is this watch getting made!??

  48. avatar Alexandr says:

    really cool!!!

  49. avatar Clark P. says:

    I cant wait! Purple or Green… what will happen when the voting counter ends?? i need to know. *ahh! too much pressure.*

  50. avatar Sergey says:

    very cool! I want… No… I must! I Must to buy it!!! Please tell me if it’s possible! I reaaly want to buy this one with white leds

  51. avatar Pepsibest says:

    Великолепен!!! Изумителен!!! Гениален!!! Искам го още днес! Рядко ми се случва нещо да ми хареса толкова много.

    Wonderful! Amazing! A genius! I want it today! Rarely happens to me something I liked so much.