GP race watch appeals to motor sport fans

Design Submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I was trying to think of a motor sport themed watch which showed time in recognisable but new way. I decided that I wanted to use the silhouette of GP circuits as my clock face. The facia is removable and can be swapped with a range of facias with different circuits on them. (this principle would work for other shapes too) The watch would be programmed to work with a range of these facias.

The Red LED “car” = hours, the Blue LED “car” = Minutes, and the green LED “car” = Seconds. The silhouette of the circuit forms essentially a analogue face, the LED “cars” travel around the circuit clockwise to tell the time. The red car takes 12 hours to do a lap, the Blue 60 mins and the green 60 seconds. This format would lend itself to some interesting animations.
I would like to think this watch would appeal to motor sport and non-motor sport fans alike.

I think using the silhouette of GP circuits as a means of telling the time sets it apart from other designs. Also the modular interchangeable facias adds an interesting dynamic. I think this concept would also be easy to implement.

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58 Responses to “GP race watch appeals to motor sport fans”

  1. avatar DCast says:

    As a racing fan, the idea of being able to wear a map of Suzuka on my wrist at all times is appealing and exciting. However, this IS a timepiece, and I don’t see any any reliable way to discern what time it is from this design. Many other designs that run through Tokyoflash seem to lend themselves to some concrete time-telling design, whether a certain number of lights or borrowing from traditional number placement on a timepiece. Without at least some sort of markings as to where 6 and 12 o’clock might be (or detailed enough knowledge about the tracks to know where half or quarter way through a lap is, which is what I suspect the design behind this to be), it loses its value as a timepiece and becomes lights on a racecourse.

    In short, I do very much enjoy this design and the idea behind it, but changes could be made to make it a little more functional.

    • avatar Pete says:

      You point is a valid one, the Silverstone track is a simple enough shape for 12,3,6,9 positions to be much the same as a typical analogue watch face, the Suzuka one requires some markers as it has a cross over, if you look closely you will see I have put these main markers on that one. There may well be a an arguement to put more markers on. It is something I have thought about. Thanks for thefeedback and the comment! :D

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  3. avatar Txejua says:

    Great idea!! I´ll buy this watch!!

  4. avatar Samukun says:


    I’m not that much a racing fan, but the idea is so cool! There is an LED matrix that you cover with these “fascias” to tell the time. Then you somehow manage to add the analog scale et voilá, awesomeness. This system could work with other shapes too… circle, square, letters, sihouette of Elvis xD Time telling is ok, it works. I’m not sure how, but it has to become more precise… or easier to read. More indicators in the cover. The 9 is on the bottom end of the suzuka track and 6 is left… accidently swapped? Anyway, the analog-ish placement works pretty fine. Have you thought about not dividing the tracks not by angle (analog-ish) but by it’s own lenght? Like the 6 is at 50% of the track… an F1 fan would drool over this I guess. But that’s software – you already have what it needs.

    Now the watch. The tire straps and the metal block are very appealing. They go well with sporty or fan clothing but also with serious clothing like a suit. The two strap handles are a cool detail. I like the look! Now I just wish for another fascia… Oh Pete, a cornered spiral :D I’ll contact you.

    5*/YESSS shows, I support this very cool idea and cross my fingers!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Sam,
      Yeah this system would work on any shape of siloette in theory, maybe even custom shapes if the watch could be programmed by the user. On the Suzuka track version there is a cross over so hence the 6 is on the other side, it makes it slightly trickier to read than a rounder shaped track.
      I look forward to your suggestion. I may even attempt an animation as it may clear up any confusion.
      Thanks for the possitive comment and the feedback! :D

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh it’s a cross over! I thought it’s two small curves, barely touching. Now then I see. An F1 fan would’ve known >.<

  5. avatar Dek says:

    As you will know from my previous comments on your F1 watch I am a big motorsport fan and love this by default. I have no trouble understanding the time telling method! I love the idea of collecting the different track facias! The chequered effect on the face is also cool! Too cool for school! 5 stars/Yes

    • avatar Pete says:

      Im glad you like it Dek! Yeah the interchangable fascias make it a little different and hopefully a little more interesting. Thanks for the positive comment! :D

  6. avatar Patrick says:

    Here is a watch I’ve seen on the website of Pete.
    I like the automobile races (especially in the days of Jim Clark, at that time, it was really the sport), then it is a Yes with 5 stars.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah a motorsport Fan! Im glad you like it Patrick and thankyou for taking the time to check out my page!
      Thanks for the comment and the stars! :D

  7. avatar Gordon says:

    this is really cool Pete! You can laser etch the graphics to look just like your rendering, this creates a nice pallette for many design possibilities. 5* yeaha

    • avatar Pete says:

      Im glad you like it Gordon! Yeah there are many possibilities beyond the examples I have shown here. Sam asked me to do a geometric design, and I have. Check out my FB page PF Design (or click my yellow name to link straight there) Thanks for the 5 and the Yeaha! :D

  8. avatar Ranjan says:

    Great one … include some cars shape LED as well in the DESIGN with animation … it will give more lively look to your watch … love to have … one or more tracks on my wrist …

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks Ranjan, yeah car shaped leds would be awesome! Alternativly this concept would work with a dot matrix lcd (backlit) which would allow car shaped icons etc. Thanks for the feedback and the vote Ranjan! :D

      • avatar Ranjan says:

        You can use cars for A.M. n’ P.M., Days, Months etc … if possible …

        • avatar Pete says:

          I imagine the date would easily be displayed as you can use the same format as the time, one car/LED for days, one for months and even one for year. AM or PM would proabably require a seperate hole/slot in the facia but is doable. The only downside for car shaped LEDs is it would be less univeral than round ones, but if you made the track cutouts wider you could have a small group of LEDs making car shapes (same as you would with LCD) but that would depend on the size and number of LEDs possible (resolution) I think a lot is possible with some thought!
          Thanks for the feedback Ranjan! :D

  9. avatar GC says:

    This is a cool idea! I like the idea of customisation, so being able to change the face is great!
    I can imagine loads of other designs that would work on this concept aswell as the race track shapes! keep up the good work! *****/Yes

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah the inter-changeable facias add a nice dimension to this concept and lends itself to a range of different designs. I did a couple of geometric designs recently, check out my fb page PF Design if you get the chance! Thanks for the comment and the vote! :D (and I will try to keep up the good work!)

  10. avatar Cookie says:

    Now this I like! It looks awesome, with the leds shining through the silhouette of the race tracks! super cool idea! If TF make it I will buy it!

  11. avatar mushy says:

    5* and yes Pete! I love F1. :) The only thing that I’m I’m not sure about is the reflective metal watch face which might make it hard to see the time under some conditions. But that’s an easy fix I’m sure. Merry Xmas.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah I see your point about reflective materials, could be satinised and keep the same effect, or ip black which is pretty low reflection. If this concept was considered would be very open to tweaks etc. Im glad you like the principle. Thanks for the comment and vote! :D

  12. avatar Dianekmt says:

    I really like the detail in the design of this watch. It looks really classy too.


    • avatar Pete says:

      Thank you very much Diane, the idea was to make it look a little like a chequered flag to keep with the motorsport theme. Thanks for the positive comment! :D

  13. avatar Pedro says:

    and what about a “le mans track watch”

    this race is the famous race of the world !!!!! and the shape is unique.

    • avatar Pete says:

      This concept would allow a huge range of race racks, including the “le mans track”, the Nurburgring, Laguna Seca etc etc. Aswell as other shapes, geometric shapes, logo’s, possibly even custom shapes if the watch could be programmed by the user.
      I only had time to a couple of examples so I did my own national track (Silverstone) and TF’s national track (Suzuka)

      I did a couple of Geometric examples on my fb page (PF Design) Please feel free to check it out. Click on my yellow name to link straight there.

      Thanks for the feedback Pedro! :D

  14. avatar Pete says:

    This entry ends soon, so will say a quick thank you to everyone who voted, commented and shared! thanks to the external blogs for featuring this design and TF or course for adding it to the blog!
    Thanks everyone!

    Pete from the UK :D