Interchangeable Touch Screen LCD Watch Design


A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

Customization is the theme with this concept watch design. Watches from Tokyoflash Japan are all original, unique designs but this design idea takes personalization to a different level.

The watch module is a touch screen LCD display and is a self contained unit, so it can be easily transferred between different watch cases, allowing you to more freedom to choose a color and a shape that suits you. You could even collect a number of watch cases and wear a different one each day.

The LCD display is interesting because it is a touch screen design with multi-colored LED backlighting allowing you to change the color, possibly to fit the color of the case you choose. The time is shown digitally, with four numbers moving vertically and diagonally across the display to show the time. The direction always stays consistent so that reading the time is easy, the first digit going vertically down. The time example in the video is 09:34.

Since the watch is a touch screen design, it needs no buttons to operate which simplifies the case design. There are two possible case designs shown; a wrist watch version and a key-ring version. These are both made of silicone, a light, colorful, comfortable and flexible plastic.

If you would like to see this concept become reality, vote below and feel free to offer your feedback on the idea. We would love to hear what you like or don’t like so much about this design.


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24 Responses to “Interchangeable Touch Screen LCD Watch Design”

  1. avatar Eman より:

    Pretty sweet cause it can double as a pendant

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Customization is great. That’s more than contemporary. I support this, cause I’m a fan of letting the people decide how their watch looks like (stay tuned for more customizable designs from me). I really like the smooth and above all simple geometry. The time reading is really cool. Oh color changing backlight? Perfect, then my light circle watch watch seems not too utopic. 5*/Y without hesitation.

    While I am typing someone is rating this watch down. Hey you guy! When you hate this watch, come and tell why! I think in real life you also tell your opinion, so come and let us know whats up with this design in your eyes!

  3. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    I imagine it has mass market appeal and I like the idea of swapping the parts. The means of displaying the time is good. I like the concept but it lacks a little bit of the tokyoflash wow, the styling is maybe a little to simple?

  4. avatar John grouse より:

    Now this is a
    Cool way of swap and change your watch form a day mode to night mode and the extras to buy would make it more appealing to people , this I would buy ..
    A different watch for every day but only
    The strap changes ,
    Same with a pendent worn on the neck via a chain and even other wearing possibilities as well

  5. avatar nicolai より:

    I really like this watch, it’s nice and simple to read the time on (though I like designs where you arent’t able to read the time on this easy, too), also it’s customizable and easy to make I think, so I voted 5*\y ;) .

  6. avatar Avatara より:

    I very much like the display. Although the time can’t be read instantly, it’s still fun and I really like the constant movement. It’s a bit like a secret code. Personally not a huge fan of the interchangeable parts, but I can see how it would appeal to others; younger people, women. I would like to see this in a metal case with a date option and then i’d snap one up.

  7. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    I think this concept lends it self to a range of different displays and straps (ala f*ssil) and as no one has said it,
    I think it would look very nice with my magetic watch face in it as an alternative to the LCD.
    (I know, shameless self promotion but some-ones got to do it)

  8. avatar logan より:

    5* for the idea, 5* for the display, 3* for the cases. The cases are too normal for my liking. I’d prefer to see them have a little more Tokyoflash flair. Maybe you can win more support for this by showing more examples of possible cases.

    Since the display is self-contained, could this be made waterproof to a significant depth?

  9. avatar Gordon より:

    this is a winner

  10. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Another nice feature would be a double faced display (digital on the front, analogue and the back etc) so you can have even more combination with out buying more parts.

  11. avatar rachid より:

    why not, it’s also cheap to produce:
    but my personal feeling is that this would be negative to associate the image of the brand with these mass production gadget category, but once again a personal feeling…
    anyway i’am also not convinced by the key ring, even if i like the idea keys being natural born glass scratchers, but i think some modifications could solve this problem.
    3*ring key 4* handwatch /no (not my kind)

  12. avatar Marcus より:

    Love it!

  13. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Just out of interest, I have a general question for TF:
    What is the ratio between the number of concepts that TF Design Studio creates and the number that actually make into production? i.e do the majority of the concepts become reality or is it a smaller percentage?

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Hi Peter, the majority of concepts do not become reality. So far, two concept design submissions from fans have been brought to reality and there are more at the research & development stage. It may be that there is a design already on the blog that will be developed at some stage in the future though.

      • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

        Hi TF,

        That certainly shows that the standards are very high, and a very exclusive club for the fan submissions. A club that a lot of people would love to be in of course!!!!
        Keep up the sterling work guys and thankyou for the blog/opertunity to submit designs.
        Thanks for the feedback.

  14. avatar Gordon より:

    Good question, I would like to add are your currently considering any blog submissions?

  15. avatar R2RO より:

    This watch is awesome but the only minor problem i see is that if you look at it when the third number is passing you heve to wait a little for the time to start over and read the time. But it is a very minor problem

  16. avatar Tzu より:

    I like the idea with changable straps etc. However i feel that the method of displying time is abit boring to be honest.

  17. avatar Patrick より:

    A beautiful watch with an original reading system, the design is simple and seductive.
    5 * / Yes.

  18. avatar onisan より:

    Because the time is not displayed all at once, I cannot like this watch.
    There are too many usability problems with the time scrolling. I miss read it, I have to remember what came before, i have to wait for it to scroll.
    1….0….3…..4 oh wait, was that ten or eleven? I forgot. Its far too easy to make a mistake.

  19. avatar Dean より:

    I’d personally prefer a higher number of dots, with the option to choose how I display the time/date, scrolling is nice but not always practical. If customisation is the key why not ramp it up and allow the watch to be configured in many different ways, maybe with a USB interface you can access when the watch is out of the case, people could then use a PC and application to design their perfect clock face.
    I’d also prefer more stylish bands, metals, more detailed plastics etc, but that could easily come in time.
    I think the right watch face could become an icon of our time, similar to the ipod watches that are gaining in popularity today.

  20. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    I love the time telling here. simple, yet flashy

  21. avatar diclonius より:

    it’s interesting and unique, but god i hate rubber or cheap looking watches.

    this would be great for kids, but not for adults imo