The Right Angle LCD Watch Design With USB Memory

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

Looking at this watch design face on, you might be fooled into thinking that the LCD display is simply made up of cryptic lines and blocks. Once you’ve cracked it however, the time is as easy to read as any other digital watch. Just flick your wrist to change the angle and reading the numbers will become clear.

The time is shown digitally; Hours-Minutes-Seconds-Milliseconds, but the layout of the numbers on the display is stretched so as to distort the image. Like a secret code, only you will know how to read it. In the example below the time is 06:24:38:29.

This concept wrist watch design has an LED backlight that will completely illuminate the screen at the touch of a button and in addition to this, it has built in USB memory so that you can store important files and secret documents and always have them securely located on your wrist. To access your files, simply connect the watch to your computer with the USB cable provided.

The design pictured is shown with an IP Black finish and a green backlight but this watch could also be made of acetate or with a different LED backlight color to give a different look.

Let us know what you think of this design, how you feel about USB memory being included in the design and if you’d like to see this design become reality, vote below.


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40 Responses to “The Right Angle LCD Watch Design With USB Memory”

  1. avatar Patrick says:

    Great idea, the angle of view!
    5 * / Y

  2. avatar Gabriel BB says:

    great ideea with the USB memory !!!! I have more than 5 flash drives with different documents. A large amount of memory, will be also great.

    Also the design is great, it looks cryptic. Very Tokyoflashy. :)

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    Made me instantly think of this. I like the shape of the case.

  4. avatar Gavin UK says:

    I want it! I want it!

  5. avatar Nick says:

    Please make this watch a reality and sell it in the UK as I will definitely buy it! The built in memory is a brilliant idea for not losing (and not having to carry) flash drives, and the way you read it is truly unique!

  6. avatar Tux says:

    Great Idea make it

  7. avatar Firdaus says:

    Interesting. Would love to wear it as my favorite watch. Buy.

  8. avatar Gordon says:


  9. avatar John says:

    I’d buy this BUT only, if the usb memory is not smaller than 4GB (flash prices are in the cellar anyway). This way people would leave their sticks at home and really use the watch.
    If it’ll b only a 512mb or 1gb storage it’ll be nothing more than a fancy feature noone will use

  10. avatar thricet85 says:

    This is an great design and I want one but I’m with john it needs to have at least 4gb

  11. avatar Glen says:

    Would be awesome if extra data encryption was included, continuing with the theme. :)

  12. avatar Peter Drake says:

    Nicely cryptic without being overly complicated. +1 on the 4GB minimum, although 8 could make for one less thing on my keychain. Maybe even a micro SD card slot? could be internal. Definitely on my wish list.

  13. avatar Luna says:

    Giving it 16 gb would put it far ahead of people’s expectations and add more time to the watch’s life. Make it make it make it make it!

  14. avatar Shinmei2006 says:

    I say micro-SD slot for expansion, no internal memory needed. If not then at LEAST 8GB on board. I will buy this watch if so.

  15. avatar Shinmei2006 says:

    Hell, make this a bluetooth bracelet too while you’re at it! Display the incoming caller.

  16. avatar David Rosas says:


  17. avatar Alejandro says:

    Great piece, it could actually be my first quartz watch….

  18. avatar Ryan says:

    YES YES AND YES!!!! GOD YES!!!! Like others have said 4GB min 8GB would be be ideal 16GB and I’m in love!

    Just the key to all of this is YES!!!!!

  19. avatar FriendlyHobo says:

    I would buy this watch day one if it was made reality. The fact that it’s impossible to read the time until you look at it from the right angle makes it ideal for wowing friends, which is what I love to do with my Tokyoflash watches!

  20. avatar Rodolfo A. López says:

    That design it’s awesome!!!!!!(y)

    Congrats TF Design Studio :D

  21. avatar fish says:

    Design and idea is great. I would buy one if it’s not too expensive. Guess ~80 $ would be my maximum price.

    I probably wouldn’t use the usb storage, so a cheaper version without memory would be great.
    I also do not like the green backlight. I guess a light blue or even white would look more precious.

    Why didn’t you start a KickStarter project or something similar?

  22. avatar brian says:

    Consider using a concealed MicroSDHC slot instead of onboard memory to allow us to upgrade capacity based on our budgets!

  23. avatar alan says:

    This is one of your greatest ideas for displaying time in your special ‘point of view’.

    As a typographer and designer I have to say: it’s essential!

    USB storage also seems clever but depending on the capacity. At least 8 to 16 GB would be comfortable for carrying the recent projects or for a short backup when changing from office to home-office. Faster than cloud services sometimes whenyou have to reach the last train.

    Greets from Berlin!

  24. avatar jas555 says:

    love the idea so secretive.would like the watch to include date and about the data is a wonderful for a spy type of watch.gorgeous would definitely purchase.

  25. avatar Bryan says:

    I like the concept, but the gray backlight with green lighting really rubs me the wrong way. It reminds me strongly of the 90s and of cheap Timex watches, which is supposed to be the opposite of what we’re going for here. I’d thought we’d moved beyond backlighting completely. As it stands, this is just a tricky digital watch, something that could be programmed and built with minimalist materials. Since the technology for these kinds of displays has been around for so long, it’d even be pretty easy to build in a USB access port, like you guys did here. In short, this watch isn’t unique enough for TF’s normal standards.
    I do really like the addition of onboard file storage, as that goes nicely with TF’s deciding to have USB charging with everything lately. It’s still dependent on the wearer carrying a USB cable, however, which kind of defeats the purpose of having such a portable USB device, as if you’re going to carry around a USB component around in your pocket, it might as well be a flashdrive instead of the cord that connects to the flashdrive in your watch. Figure out a way to eliminate the need for separate components withot making the watch bulky and you’ve got a hot ticket item.

  26. avatar Thomas says:

    Ich finde sie wunderbar! It´s wonderful!

  27. avatar Aphosno says:

    I like the display idea, the milliseconds and the overall look of the watch. The usb memory is a nice gimmick but it has nothing to do with the watch. It just has been added, not a big deal. Everyone can say their design has usb memory or is usb rechargeable or is biodegradable. It’s nice but not necessary for me. If that raises the price too much, I have to think twice if I buy it or not.

  28. avatar Mario says:

    Beautiful design. I would buy the official clock, if the price is right, even without internal USB memory. But a MicroSD slot would be an extremely nice extra;-) Greetings from Berlin / Germany

  29. avatar onisan says:

    This is pretty funky! I like the concept a lot.

    I wonder though if the LCD would be difficult to see at an angle?
    Sometimes this is the case when the light reflects off the glass surface at such an angle.

    I suppose there are ways to place the LCD very close to the surface & change the polarising filter sheet so 45˚ is optimal contrast.

  30. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    I would definatly buy this the green backlight makes it sooo much cooler!!

  31. avatar Moulta says:

    Cool !!!

  32. avatar Peter Fletcher says:

    I like the concept of having to look at time from a certain perspective. Would look nice in billet aluminium (anodised), would look very engineered. 5*

  33. avatar Carl James says:

    As a collector of watches I am always looking for something different or cool etc and this watch has that XFactor! I would probably buy 2, white and black and also a steel one if they made one.

  34. avatar Pete says:

    underrated!! Worth making in my opinion!!