Always 10:10 LED Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Rachid from Switzerland.

A man once said “even a broken watch can show the exact time twice a day”.  Rachid heard this again in a movie not long ago and he thought that it is an amusing idea to create an analog broken-looking watch that shows the correct time.

The watch design creates the illusion of an ordinary watch which is the reason for the traditional 10:10 display of fake hands.  The various colored enamels surrounding the watch face indicate the time.  The color showing on each hand corresponds with the analog color format of the watch.


26 thoughts on “Always 10:10 LED Analog Watch Design

    • well in fact there is no led in this watch, it’s a fully analogic ordinary quartz movement based watch, i ‘m having comunication issues with tokyo flash, i’have sent a picture explaining the mecanism (with few mistakes on it) but it has not been published, it’s a bit desappointing. 😦
      i’ll try to explain it with words:

      the color markings are made of emanel not leds.
      the fake hands consist mainly in recatangular holes in the dial
      the real hands are replaced by colored discs.
      on the minutes disc each color is segmented into 5 different rectancular lengths ( with the picture this would be clear).
      so 8:12 is blue / 2/5 orange.
      i’m gonna start working on a new explanation picture


  1. Oh the idea is pretty clever. I’m not a fan of the style – the way you express the idea. The geometry is too classical. But that’s personal taste. When I see what Tokyoflash made with the Kaidoku concept, I can see this be cool too.

    I also first thought, the hands have LEDs in them. The anlog mechanism you describe is even better, cause you offer a way to show single minutes, not only 5 minute steps. But I think 2/5 (for 2 extra minutes) of the already small reactangle is hard to read. Maybe you make a seconds hand (a fake hand, another rectangle but looooong) and use an extra mechanism for it. 1/5 of the long seconds hand can be read better. And: If you have this seconds hand which does not move, it emphasized the idea of a broken watch 😀

    Go to the design submission page and resubmit images with a text, saying, you would like to add these images at this or that position of your “always 10:10” presentation. That should work.

    Beste Grüße,


    • thanks for the comment, you’re right about the style, it’s a very classic design ( very swiss in fact 😉 ), but since the concept could apply it self to any conventionnal watch, i didnt want to invest to much time on style research.

      for the idea of adding a seconds hand for single minutes, i tought about it but the problem comes from the superposition of the discs it’s geometrically impossible, of course a belt mechanism could work but it’s far more complicated and expensive than the discs, a other solution would be to start on a 60mm case, wich is becoming trendy these days in europe, that way it’s possible to have a54mm dial, a fake hand of12mm for hours, and 27 for the minutes that leaves us 15 mm for the rectangle the minutes blocks would be 3mm what do you think about it?


    • Oh I just saw your additional picture. This NEEDS so be in the presentation! It shows the cleverness of the design.

      I thought a bit about it, I think we forget the second hand. I thought about the smallness of the minute hand rectangle. Its length is a bit smaller than the distance between two hours on a normal analog watch. That distance is also divided by 5 and it’s not too small for us. So I think, this could work well. A little more tweaking on the proportions and maybe a little scale inside the rectangle and it’s comfortable.

      About the style: tastes are different. I’m glad your base idea is so cool 😀


  2. not crazy about the form but i am starting to buy into the concept now that i have figured it out, good luck


  3. Nice concept, and i like the shape, colours are a bit too vibrant for me and the strap looks a little uncomfortable but the clasp is cool. overall 4* could easily be 5 with some minor changes… definately worth checking the explanation photo above ^^


  4. This is a superb concept… and a real shame TokyoFlash didn’t publish the explanatory photo, as it makes time telling really clear.


    • I also think that this would be a brilliant ladies watch design. I love the idea behind it, and with Tokyoflash Japan’s design wizards, it could be glorious!


  5. Fantastic idea! If the ring colours would be slim lines instead of squares, it would look less kitschy. The grey display circle can be chrome too, like the rest of the case. Not just a boring grey circle. I’d buy it, just to see my friends wondering.


  6. You could also have a more subtle “broken” design my using blocks of color with gaps for the minute hand, and fill the gaps in solid to mark the individual minutes, so minute hand color appears solid is plus zero, one gap, plus one minute, etc. up to showing the minute hand as 5 segments (4 gaps visible) would be plus 4 minutes.

    The colorful version is awesome for a ladies version, but consider if the markers for the hour positions also moved there could be a subtle difference that showed the active hour marker. This would allow creation of a megadeath version with variations on black, just matte black, gloss black, slightly off black dark gray matte and slightly off black dark gray to round out the fourth “color”.

    The concept could also work for non-round watches by using a flexible thin mylar printed “belt” to drive the hand area of a rectangular watch. Or other shape.

    Fun concept. Like your design.


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