Three-Handed Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

This watch design is based off of a basic analog clock, with one small change that makes this watch as original as it is.

At a glance, this watch design looks like a normal analog watch, but it is not read the same way at all.  Imagine an analog watch, with the numbers 1-12 running around the face.  The thickest hand points to the hours, the second thickest hand points to the ten minute group, and the thinnest hand points to the single minute group.

This unisex design is easily customizable as shown with all the color combinations.  It can produce an edgy final effect or a relatively classy look, making it perfect for anybody.


24 thoughts on “Three-Handed Analog Watch Design

    • Long answer – I don’t think overcomplicating this concept would be appropriate, so a ticking motion of the hands, paired with scores around the center ring would make this quite easily read without actual numbers.

      Short answer – No.


  1. I like the idea, but it simply isn’t going to be accurate enough for some people. I would recommend with the press of a button, the center circle reveals the numbers so that an accurate reading can be made when needed (i.e work). Otherwise I can see this being a very affordable and successful watch.


    • That seems to be the general concert – the inaccuracy… I’m afraid I forgot to mention in the description that the movement of the hands is not fluid, but rather quite mechanical, ticking and locking to each number. Maybe tick-marks around the inner ring as cortjezter suggested?

      In any case, I assure you that accuracy of reading will not be a problem.


  2. If it ticked instead of moving with a fluid motion, this design would work very well. Also slight visual tweakings would be an improvement. I can’t believe this idea hasn’t been seen (at least by me) before.


    • Fluid may have been my original thought, but ticking seems to be a better movement for this watch, so ticking it is!

      The idea, I don’t think anybody has thought of before, and yet, it’s so simple! Sometimes, people just overlook the obvious I guess 🙂

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  3. Of course, underlaying numbers are possible so that they are revealed when the arm passes over it. LCD maybe?

    Visual tweak suggestions are very much appreciated Jared. If you have an idea, I would love to hear it =)

    Thanks for your support everyone!


  4. this has two things going for it that i love: simple, elegant design; and analogue.

    just two questions about how it actually works.. the tens digit.. what happens when the time flips from :59 to :00? does the hand quickly snap up to the top?

    also, what does 4:44 look like?

    i suspect instead of perverting the analogue with LCD tech, simple, subtle tick-marks or a pattern/motif could be added either to the inner ring or to the outer to help with more precise time measure.

    i like the idea and where the execution is going!


    • I think Sam answered your questions quite well right down below, so I’ll direct you to that and address your comments.

      Yes, the inner rind could quite easily have 12 scores in it without changing the appearance too drastically. This would be good, but if the hands snapped to their position instead of a fluid motion, you can guess pretty accurately what number they’re pointing to. There’s only 2 number between 12 and 3 (1 and 2) and I think that it would be fairly simple to know which is is which.

      Thanks for your questions and suggestion!


  5. I also like the simplicity and style of the design. It really looks good, I think the watch with only one color is clever (had a similar idea for a submitted watch, so I love it).

    Ok an analog 12-5-9 watch without numbers. I thought about it and I think it’s a good solution. First I thought I see an h, min and sec hand on the preview image. That would’ve been cool too (maybe still an option) but very hard to get a precise time. Splitting the minutes into 5 tens and 9 singles is so much easier to read. Come one people, everyone knows where the numbers 1-12 are on an analog watch. As Jared sais: It it ticked instead of a fluid motion, this design would work very well. (Oh Jared, Anders had a four handed design with the same base idea).

    I also have little concerns about the hand movement, especially about the sudden change of orientation (9 to 0 or 5 to 0). But with a clever mechanism it can be done for sure. It’s just a little more time and money which has to be invested – it’s worth it!

    4:44 has all three hands in one position. No confusion I thinkg. If you can’t find a hand elsewhere, it must be the 4th digit (process of elimination).

    I have a bigger concern about the hands seeming to be cut out instead of being on top of a background. That looks cool, but that’s definitely too utopic ( I must know, I tend to make too hard to make watch concepts hehehe) Let them be made traditionally, and the watch would still look cool.

    When Tokyoflash takes care of this watch, it becomes a 5*/y, which I gave you.


    • Thanks for clearing things up Sam, your help is always appreciated!

      I just posted below that the hand movement would be a snapping motion, not fluid, and when the hand maxed out, it would tick back to the top, one number at a time, which looks interesting, while solving the orientation issue.

      Yes, 4:44, you would only see the hour hand, hiding the other 2 hand underneath.

      Hehe, yes, I did cut the hands out and set them below the surface of the face. If the guys (and girls!) at Tokyoflash can figure out how to do this, then all the better! Otherwise, normal hands would be the fallback.

      I don’t know any of technical specs, I just design the watch!

      Thanks for the stars!


  6. i am not convinced by the idea of mixing senary and decimal on a duodecimal dial in this way,but that’s personal, also how are the transitions made? jumping hands or retrograd? it’s a bit more expansive than an ordinary quartz movement, but the concept is original.
    now i have some concerns about the design:
    first the lugs,thin, not raccorded to the band, so what is their use?
    secondly if it is an analog watch, where is the crown?


    • An analog watch does not necessarily need a crown. Time setting can be done with buttons. Look here. I own this one and it was very inspiring. So no more bothering with crowns 😉

      I assume, the lugs/band situation is just a 3D skill issue, nothing serious…


      • I experimented with a crown, but they didn’t blend well aesthetically with the rest of the watch, that’s only to myself though, other may disagree. I’ll set to work on making an animation and I’ll post an image I have with the crown as soon as I return to my designing computer.

        Sam is correct, the lugs are supposed to attach to the band, but I was unable to do that in 3DS max, although I’m sure it’s probably very easy.

        The movement of the hands could go either way, but I was hoping for more of a snapping motion, to assist with the time reading. When a hand maxes out, (reaches 9 for a minute hand or 5 for a ten minute hand) it would simply click back, one position at a time.


      • ok i see how the minutes transition is made now, ok that’s interesting.

        for 3ds rightclick on the lug=>convert to: editable mesh => select polygon selection > select your lug and loock down for extrude and then set the amount.


  7. I have rated 5* because I obviously do so for most designs, but I have reason to not comment for this concept design. PM me if you are interested to know why. Goodluck!


  8. Lol, everytime they want pm. Analog watches don’t have am pm. Look at the watch, let’s say it’s 3:00. Are you sleeping? No? Can you see the stars? No? Are you at work? Yes? Then it is 3:00 PM.

    This design is ok. Not screaming cool, but nice. I like the big circle and i like, that it almost looks like a normal analog watch but it is not.


      • OMG I didn’t read carefully, my bad. Im from germany and we have 24 hours and everytime i read am or pm it’s like a switch in my head.


  9. Hi Jordan,

    You know if you did show the numbers on the center hoop it would kind of look like an old telephone (retro chic)
    Its not for me but still worth a 5*


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