Ouroboros Inspired LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

This watch design is inspired by the mythical “Ouroboros”, an ancient symbol used by many cultures to represent infinity.  The fangs act as the clasp mechanism and the buttons are the eyes.

The LEDs on the outer circle of the watch face indicate the hours in analog format.  The inner circle is divided in 5 minute groups and the middle circle shows single minutes.

The clasp makes this watch design very unique.  This design may appeal to men who are into fast bikes, cars, and other high performance products.


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Ouroboros Inspired LED Watch Design, 3.8 out of 5 based on 63 ratings

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36 Responses to “Ouroboros Inspired LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    What a cool idea! I like the two “teeth” which bite the strap’s end. The time reading system is approved :) The smooth design looks good. Very stylish interpretation of the uroboros symbol. The metal end of the strap – you made it, so it visually melts together with the case right? If people have a smaller or bigger wrist, it’s not adjusted anymore – so you can maybe leave it away. Very nice and minimalistic presentation! I give you 5*/yes.

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Thanks Sam, Im a big fan of yours as well!. I was hoping they would include some more style variations I submitted but I am satisfied to have made the cut.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      You can share these variations if you upload them somewhere. Firdaus made a flickr page, I made a facebook page, so we can spread our propaganda :D Why making page and not sharing the links of any uploaded pic? Because when you post more than one link in here, the post gets blocked until TF reviewed it. Think about it. Costs a bit time, but it would be a pity, if the work you put in your concepts is partially in vain. Wish you good luck and more fun in developing!

    • avatar Gordon より:

      the metal at the tip of the band also has the function of giving stiffness allowing it to enter easily and leverage the locking mechanism(in theory anyway)

  2. avatar Cory より:

    Gordon, I’ve been batting the idea of an ouroboros design for a couple months now, and never could get a satisfactory result. This watch of your is beautiful! Easy 5*/y! I really hope they make this one, because it is incredible!

  3. avatar Z-dog より:


  4. avatar Firdaus here and there より:

    whoa… cool……. I am speechless (because its really new thing and very cool) ;-)

  5. avatar Gordon より:

    Cory, Z-dog, Firdhaus, I really appreciate your kind words. This watch is my favorite of my submissions, I hope they make it.

  6. avatar rachid より:

    very nice execution! i like the way you handeled the shape of the lens in continuity with the case, and let’s be emotionnal ” wouaw!” the only thing that bothers me is that i have almost finished a watch concept with a similar band system bad luck for me i guess i’l have to modify it :)
    anyway 4*yes as a gift for a girl.

  7. avatar Keiron より:

    Cool concept, and great graphics – may I ask what software? It looks awesome, snakey and stylish. The shapes fit well and because its lightweight it would be good for sports – 5*y :)

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Thanks Keiron, I used solidworks. The sports use came to mind as the concept took shape, maybe stainless and rubber construction. I think someone on this blog should be the first to come up with a led dive watch, that would look hot under water

  8. avatar Lisa より:

    This is so sleak and clean, I would love to not only buy it but sell them in my store. Great job!!!

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Wow! thanks Lisa, I dont think TF goes thru resellers but I appreciate the support.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      TF has resellers…. well, at least I got my 12-5-9 L at one (Fluffy White Pink Berlin, a Hello Kitty shop which was mostly white and pink and girly but had a little island of awesome TF watches)

  9. avatar Rodrigo より:

    Yes I would love to have one of these bad *** watches. I really like the detail in the watch bracelet. Let me know when you guys produce this watch!

  10. avatar Gordon より:

    Thanks TF for posting the additional photos

  11. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Gordon,

    I love the form of this watch and the clasp is very novel. 5*

  12. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Gordon,

    I’m trying to understand why your rating isn’t very high, all the comments seem very positive.
    Has any body said they have had trouble rating your design?

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Thanks Pete, its not just me there are a lot of good watches on this blog and everyone who gives a 5 leaves a comment. Its the people who drank the “haterade” that cowardly drop a 1 and run

      • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

        I think I’ve had a few of those. Trouble is it makes me a little cynical because I keep thinking it must be people trying to eliminate competition.
        The irony is that were not really competing with each other and utimately if TF likes a concept I can’t see them not using it because a few people gave it a low rating.
        Anyway rant over, but your design should defo be in the hi 4s

    • avatar Aphosno より:

      Gordon, this is the big contradiction around here, im aware of for a long time. Some watches get only great comments but the rating is not that good. Some average looking watches (my opinion) get less comments (not my opinion, its a fact) but great ratings out of nothing. Often there seems to be no correlation between the ratings and the watches. But wait, there is a correlation: a cheater (or more, i dont care). I already have a suspect, but im no judge. Tokyoflash should find him and act accordingly. I guess its always the same guy (or guys, ip adresses, fake accounts w/e) who spread their hatred. I am no designer here but as you can see, i already became cynical. I hate it when people kick other peoples work with their feet and spitting in their faces. They should show more respect and be honest. Bad comments are welcome here, if they provide reasonable critique. But the ratings are overrated anyway. Many other factors are important (eg the comments, how easy to make, does it fit in the catalog etc) and in the end it is the decision of tokyoflash which watch they want to produce.

  13. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Do you know how many fan based concepts have been developed further?

  14. avatar Gordon より:

    I hear you. I have enjoyed this blog and believe it has forced me to bring up my game, this will be my ultimate take away from this experience. If they make a watch I submitted I think I will faint!

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      I know what you mean, It would be a bit of a dream come true. The royalties would be a bonus too!

  15. avatar Pete より:

    I know I’ve said it before but this design deserves better ratings, come on guys give it a better score!

  16. avatar Gordon より:

    last day if you supporters are out there now is there now is the time to chime in. thanks everyone for your support

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Gordon,
      In my opinion this one is underrated. Its a nice piece of work, lets hope TF see the potential.
      Best of Luck!

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    Oh I forgot my hint about the LEDs colors. I think it would be cool to not only use blue (like the RPM), especially for the one with red strap. Seems trivial but I felt to say :) “Snakebite” would also be a nice name ^,,^

  18. avatar Gordon より:

    you guys are great, love your work. Now to see if i have another one in me! Your right ,TF always brings things up a notch with there special sauce, maybe they will sprinkle a little on this one