Bicycle Computer and Watch with E-paper Display

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The main principles of this watch design are the easy readability and high resistance level.  The input of data to display other than time and date comes from the RF signaler mounted on the bike and from the integrated pulse sensor.

The maximum, average, and current speed are displayed as well as the daily or total distance travelled and pulse rate.  The size of the bike’s wheels can be set and you can switch measurement units at any time (kilometers or miles).

The USB port can be used to charge the battery and to save the measured data in text format to your PC.

The display’s visibility can be enhanced by activating the back light at dusk or during night time.

The biggest advantage of this watch compared to regular bicycle computers is that no mounting / unmounting is required plus the stored data can be uploaded and processed.


24 thoughts on “Bicycle Computer and Watch with E-paper Display

  1. I really like the display layout on this watch, especially the speed indicators, which I’d love to have on my bike. They look much easier to read than a number in km/hr.
    There are some problems though, firstly e-ink isn’t very good for rapidly updating data. To my knowledge all the e-ink watches that exist at the moment don’t display seconds because of this problem. I also really hope that an integrated pulse sensor is possible, but to my knowledge it’s never been done on a sports watch.


  2. I like the overall design and simplicity look, but I don’t want this watch comes with the extra gadget. The pulse sensor is great but I wonder where the sensor located to make it works. The biker function is probably better replaced with calorie counter and walking distance. Would buy if the price is right.


  3. im not a serious bike rider but if i was i think i would want this watch. The big buttons and large read out would make this easy to use while riding.Nice design 5*


  4. Ez az óra új dimenziót nyit a forma és designes tervezésben. Ha valós formában lelehet gyártani az olyan irányvonalat ad az órák világában ami talán örökre átírja ennek az ágazatnak a kialakult formavilágát, és ha ez még összegben is elérhetővé válik akkor sikerrel lehet rá egy teljes ágazatot is létrehozni.


  5. I’m not a bike and wouldn’t use this watch, but I like this design. Most sport watches in the market look bad, this one looks great. I like the funktional case and the clear and informative display and the overall rational style.


    • Thank you Christina!
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      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.)


  6. I really like the design of the face on this watch with the speed gauge & little boxes. Also the case & buttons are ideal for the sports users as its slim to wear & convenient to use the buttons.

    The thing I don’t like is that its specifically for bikers. Although this watch might be great for cycling, I dont think Tokyoflash fans would not be very interested (although it might be successful on Amazon etc)
    Tokyoflash doesnt have any sports watches & I think they should have at least 1, for people who like an active life, swimming, jogging, etc
    A general sports watch rather than just cycling would be better – stopwatch timer, temperature?, heartrate things that you can use no matter what sport you do, or even if you dont do any sport at all.

    For example; I dont really do any sports, but I like going to the beach, swimming, camping. I also like unusual Tokyoflash watches. So a lightweight, waterproof watch that I can read quickly when swimming or at night that also has something unusual about it so its still “Tokyoflash” when I go to the bar.


  7. Probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever read about on this site! Id definitely buy this no questions asked as it is right now and I bike a ton in my free time.I wish I could give it 6 stars and 3 thumbs up, truly a terrific idea!


  8. We think it would be great if we saw more designs based on sports watches. There is a lot that can be done to improve the overall outlook for watches with “Functions” Running, cycling, climbing, diving, surfing. Should be easy to read but different. Cool looking is what we are looking for. IF you have any more ideas, render away. We are keeping a look out.


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