Touch Screen Cube LED Watch

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

There is this cube which has six faces.  The time in hh:mm:ss are six digits.  Each of them placed on a face.  The two faces of the hours (minutes or seconds respectively) are connected and have the same color with the dividing cube edge round to better show their connection.

Hours have a white background, minutes have grey, and seconds in black, so time is read from light to dark color.  Since the numbers are not shown at once, the cube needs to be turned by a finger on the touch screen.

The interactivity in this watch design is fun.  It’s easy to handle and easy to read.

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16 Responses to “Touch Screen Cube LED Watch”

  1. avatar Patrick より:

    Another YES.
    Very nice animation.
    This site will soon be called “TokyoSam” ah ah ah
    Bravo, I’m a fan.

  2. avatar werwolf より:

    playful time reading mechanic! love that. :)
    but, hey, just a thought: perhaps you should include an option to tell the time at a glance, for people in a hurry or if you want to tell the time to someone else or just don’t feel like playing around. could be solved with a double-tap.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Patrick: Thank you! This is such a good place to be creative, so I put most of my energy in it. I am lucky, that I have more time these days.
    @ Laszlo: :D
    @ werwolf: I totally see that there are people who don’t like to play, but this is so much easier to read than some “at a glance” watches. Everytime you offer an alternative “at a glance” display, it more or less destroys the consequence of the design for the benifit of reading. The strength (or playful weakness) of this watch is, you have the time in front of you, but partially hidden. If you wanna tell the time to someone else, let him/her touch it and search for the truth :D (watch out for ketchup fingers). Thats communicative. Well the easy to read time display has to be within the presented system. Laszlos Motion watch is a good example. The optical illusion watch from Tokyoflash also is. Here you have a cube, wich naturally cant be seen from all sides. The only way I see is, to unflod the cube with a two finger action. When you put thumb and the forefinger in the middle and move them in opposite corners of the display (“zoom in” on mobile phones), the cube unfolds and aligns itself parallelly to the watch glas. That would be a very cool thing! Well I will try that out. Minutes and seconds will be turned about 90° or 180°… End of the novel :D Thanks for you input werwolf!

    • avatar werwolf より:

      totally agree with you.
      but i think it’s good to have that option. and, hey, see, you just came up with a great solution that keeps the haptic playfulness of the design but offers a “quick view”.
      this watch is so on my “would buy” list! great idea, sam.

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Here I have an unfolded (unfolt?) cube as a quick check display. When you remove your fingers from the display, the cube folds itself again after 5 seconds.

        You see some spiral lines in the background. I updated the display a bit, because I had the impression, it looks too empty.

        Always good to make me think werwolf, thanks :)

        • avatar GEEK より:

          Samukun, I love this consept! But the spiral thing don’t work for me…. Less IS more sometimes, and that’s definately the case here. Otherwise a great consept. If you could make it so that people could change the background color, that’ be awesome! If you covered the screen, or if you held your finger in one of the corners for a spesific amount of time, it would start changing color until you removed your finger.

  4. avatar Aphosno より:

    Interactive watch? Bought! Display with the stripes looks like little artwork wich I like. 6 stars!

  5. avatar Avatara より:

    Loving your work Sam, very creative animation. Would love if this became reality. It’s so fun :-)

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Aphosno: Thank you.
    @ Avatara: Thank you too :)
    @ GEEK: Oh that’s nice! Good that you tell me about the spiral background. Actually I am glad, the “empty” version is liked. Thanks for stating “less is more sometimes”, that’s right! The color changing option is very cool. That is the kind of depth, I would like to give to this display. It is a playful idea wich fits to the playful handling of time. If this can be done, it would be wonderful. Thanks GEEK.

  7. avatar GN より:

    Fun stuff~ i wonder if people will get addicted with playing it~ hahaha~

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Tehehe, maybe you’re right. Maybe some little effects could be implemented. Something like zoom-in/out, explode into the single components, the color change GEEK mentioned… just something for the time, you have to wait for someone for example. Addiction is nice :D

  8. avatar GEEK より:

    I was looking at the design again and noticed that you’ve added the spiral backround but as a room. I think the spiral-thing was cool when I saw it react to the touching of the die, and it made me wondering if the casing will be able to house a chip powerfull enough to make it run smoothly. To me I think it looked flawless with the spiral aswell as without it, but I like simple looks and not things that look “messy”. If the spiral-room-ball-thing makes the watch lag, it will make it look cheaper and I think that it isn’t worth it. Alot of products made by SONY, Apple and fashion brands like D&G, Gucci and many more have simple looks, but still looks exclusive and expensive. And that’s what I think is the best for this watch. Simple and elegant, exclusive looking and also playful. Great Idea Sam, love it!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Wow you really tell the important things!!! Yes lagging would kill the watch instantly. My main intention for the background was some kind of connection between cube and case and some more decent changings wich occur when moving the cube. It feels nice to move the universe with your finger :D I believe this effect can be achieved without realtime 3D, but with some clever algorithms. I really really like your simplicity argument! Let’s say, the background is a wish. If the case becomes 2cm for that or the touch screen lags, then au revoir :) Thanks again GEEK! Brainstorming rocks!

  9. avatar said より:

    Another great idea from Sam! Really cool and simple again: moving the dice with the time on is a really good idea. I when the dice move and the seconds on it keeps on going!
    I would like a case color variation for that. Something which would fit perfectly the nice graphic display.
    (I’m letting your tallent make the choice for me as I know your idea would be better than mine here! ;) )

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh I could imagine the case being partially transparent and therefore letting the display color shine through it’s sides. A pure black or white might be suitable for the graphical display instead of metal… Maaaaany options :D Thank you said!