Rogue Touch Screen, LCD Watch Design

(English) A new concept design from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

Using a colored LCD interface, backlit with LEDs for brightness, this concept design uses a touch sensitive screen allowing you to illuminate the watch and set the time by touch.

The design displays two different time zones. Time 1 is shown on the outer two rings, with hours in the outer most ring, the gap in the display showing the current hour. The next ring shows the progression of minutes. Seconds are shown in three zones within the hours to add additional movement to the display. Time 2 is shown in the same manner with the two rings on the inside of the display. Hours and minutes are in the same position as numbers on a clock face.

An animation has also been included that could be initiated by touching the screen. This can be seen below.

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30 Responses to “Rogue Touch Screen, LCD Watch Design”

  1. avatar Mark A. より:

    Damn, i wanted the rogue so much. NOW THERE IS A BETTER VERSION OF IT!

    • avatar Hikaru より:

      Wait… this coming out soon? Or at least, is the Rogue coming back…..I want it! Please bring it back! Someone tell me please.

  2. avatar Eternity より:

    oh man the black one is BEAUTIFUL! it looks so complicated but its still so easy to read (although admittedly im not sure i need a second time zone). please make!!

  3. avatar said より:

    I can see the touch screen working very well for this watch!! It would be awesome if you could interact with the time like making it spin and then the time would come to the right position automatically!
    The setting time is also a great idea!
    I would buy this one for sure!!

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    OMG I just submitted a touch screen watch and now I see this great looking thing! This is again a watch I would buy because of its design, and I’m willing to learn to read it, even if I prefer reading, not counting.

    Rogue reloaded :D

    Instant buy!

  5. avatar werwolf より:

    have to quote samukun: “instant buy!”

  6. avatar cygnus より:

    Your price is mine !!!

  7. avatar Chris Clarke より:

    I love the black version! Make this now!!! I always wanted to get a Rogue :P

  8. avatar Chris より:

    I so WANT this!!!

  9. avatar kburob より:

    i like this watch, put price please!!!

  10. avatar craze9999 より:

    if you dont make this watch, you’l be making a 17 year old boy cry *why do i need a two time zones again?*

  11. avatar wsilver より:

    Sick! Make this…please!

  12. avatar Noah より:

    I really want you to make this watch, especially since the glass on my original Rouge broke off, this would be a great replacement.

  13. avatar Skinbyte より:

    I really like the watch face and function, just really wish the band was as modern as the face.

    They don’t seem to exist in the same century. It should still be thick, chunky and made of metal, just commenting on the style of the link that could stand from a more modern design. That would set it over the top.

  14. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    yes, Rogue reloaded. I like it very much, and since I found only a silver rogue and I prefer black, I will buy it.

  15. avatar Ikebukuro_11 より:

    It’s a cooler version of the already cool Rogue watch! I hope it’s in stainless steel. The silver one looks awesome!

  16. avatar pm より:

    I agree that this is a very nice design. I like the face and strap. A black option as well as a silver option would be good. I Also like that there seems to be a plan to include a day/date feature. I am not so bothered about a second time zone. I like a lot the idea of it being touch sensitive, but would it be likely to be activated if a long coat sleeve rubs on the surface? Also I know space is limited on any watch face, but I was wondering if the minute blocks are a bit too small to be quickly read – maybe it does not matter. Or perhaps they could be organised in blocks of 5 or 10 that would somehow stand out more when the minutes are on a particular ‘block’.

  17. avatar David より:

    I came here to buy the Rogue only to find out it’s been discontinued. I looked at the current offering but none of them really appealed to me. Checked the blog to see if there’s any plan to restart production on Rogue and found this instead.

    You’ve got my email, let me know when this watch is on sale and I’ll come back to buy it.

  18. avatar antonio より:

    genial espectacula este reloj ojala lo produscan pronto me encanta

  19. avatar Jon より:

    Although this is the successor to the Rogue, the Rogue is better in my book (albeit by a very small margin). To me, it seems like this watch is almost trying to go for too much compared to the Rogue, which comes across as much cleaner. But after watching the animation, I, as well as that feeling, are both just blown away by its awesomeness. I also like the new design for the hours and seconds, but the case is a little too big. The original Rogue’s case is more appealing to me.

    Other than that, for me the second time zone is largely unnecessary. Perhaps instead it can state the time of the alarm, removing the need for the “alarm indicator,” as no alarm time would mean that the alarm is off. (Although this would mean that while it is on, the lights would not change and while it is off, the middle would be quite empty.)

    Overall, this is a very nice watch and I would very much like to have one.

  20. avatar Andrew より:

    I wish the Rogue was still available, i’d buy it in a heartbeat. this newer version needs to come out quick, or at least let people know when it will emerge. I feel cheated that I missed the first one!

  21. avatar Dugster より:

    how much?
    i want the rouge too!
    why did you close the production?

  22. avatar ShachMaT より:

    Okay now i have 3 I WANT TO HAVE watches… and You made BLUE version.

    If it only didn’t look so heavy it would be perfect.

  23. avatar Obake より:

    then name your price
    and i’ll pay whatever you ask.

    even sell and kidney or two just to buy this beautiful thing.

  24. avatar Jens Schaller より:

    Awesome! Please build this one!

  25. avatar b より:

    If you make this and it’s priced under $300 I will buy it in a heartbeat!

  26. avatar Tommy より:

    I think this watch is incredible. The design is awesome. I think it would be great if you could do a feature where you could turn off the dual time zone and combine both LED’s to transmit one time zone, would look cleaner. However, it still looks really good. I hope the colors are not all technicolor but rather you can choose the color. Also, a very important factor would be to offer a stainless steel wristband along with the IP one. The most important, at this time, would be to make the case thinner by either placing the glass closer and lowering the degree of taper on the edges of the face. Just a mech eng’s perspective.

  27. avatar Larry より:

    So… This watch is pretty indeed. But, with the touch screen and all the “tralala” makes the watch pretty expensive eh? The old rogue was already 209$ right? So don’t think this will cost you like the last one.

  28. avatar Johnny より:

    I like it a lot, but it looks a bit thick. Also i like the rogue face better. Please bring back the rogue.