Electronic LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Genghis from France.

This watch concept was inspired by electronic circuit boards and the movie Tron.  The time is displayed when touching or pressing the top face of the watch and  read by adding the lit LEDs.  Upper circles indicate hours, lower left 5 circles indicate 10 minutes group, and lower right circles show single minutes.

The strap and body of the watch are both made of elastomer, like Polyurethane.  The continuous lines from the watch face through the strap gives it an “electronic” pattern that Genghis feels fits well to Tokyoflash spirit.

12 thoughts on “Electronic LED Watch Concept

  1. That’s really originale to use electronic graphics to tell the time! And ti really works with tokyoflash image!
    Very nice!!


    • very unique idea. with the option of some color variations I think this would be an even better idea like different color straps and maybe different colors for the LED parts!


  2. My only concern with this watch conceptually is that some times (such as 7 AM/PM) would require the “O”s to be lighted without corresponding veins, which breaks immersion. Redesign the veins so that, regardless of the time, it looks like the veins are feeding the corresponding “O”s to create the time. Otherwise, good watch.


    • Thanks for your comment Steve 😉 I am doing an another version, but I missed this detail ! I will make a metal one too.


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