Multi-Functional Sport Glove Timing Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “This idea is based on the concept of distribution. Each element of the watch is separate and communicates with the others wirelessly. The components are a ‘CPU’ placed at the wrist, a display on the back of the hand and a pair of buttons on the index finger.

The design is deliberately sporty, with the components of the watch held in place by slots in the glove-like armband, made from a breathable and washable material to ensure comfort and hygiene. The CPU shows an icon to indicate which function is currently active, and the display shows detailed information.

The design would appeal to people who like the sporty look. The wireless aspect aims the watch at those interested in new technology, the relatively tight-fitting armband makes it stable, and the layout of the components makes the watch easy to read while running, walking or driving, increasing its usability.

This sporty high-tech concept is comfortable and practical to wear in most situations; the buttons can be pressed by the thumb on the same hand. The armband can easily be made in many colours, and it’s also possible to turn each component around, making the watch wearable for left-handed people.”

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20 Responses to “Multi-Functional Sport Glove Timing Design”

  1. avatar Mike says:

    You could turn that into a spider man watch and shoot the time onto someone! Take that! I just gave you the time!

  2. avatar Ace says:

    This looks nice, but the only materials that could be made of are rubber or silicon, and those materials are not to friendly when it comes to integrate stuff in them. The idea has potential, but you might want to rethink it a little.

    • avatar Anders S says:

      I think maybe you’ve misunderstood the concept slightly, or I’m misunderstanding you… One of the key aspects of it is that the pieces of the watch (display, buttons and ‘CPU’) are removeable. They are made from metal or more likely some durable dark chrome-finish plastic, and they slot into ‘pockets’ in the armband/glove. That is in turn made from some sort of fabric to make sure the whole thing is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Also, it’d be possible to wash it to keep it hygienic.

      • avatar Ace says:

        Oh..thanks for making it clear and sorry, I guess that I was a little ballistic on that. Interesting, elastic polyester could be a solution, good luck with getting people to give it good ratings, :-)

        • avatar Anders S says:

          No problem, the description perhaps isn’t as clear as it might have been (damn that 50 word limitiation)…=)
          And thanks, but I’m guessing it’s not quite the sort of thing that scores terribly high, judging from past experience…

        • avatar Ace says:

          Well, 50 words is not a uncrossable limit. :-P And I guess that people are not quite ready for this style of watch, like they aren’t quite ready for the Cyclops style visor sunglasses(even if it would be pretty cool to see Tokyoflash making futuristic style sunglasses like that).

  3. avatar Christian says:

    I think it has potential. 4/5

  4. avatar Wim's says:

    really cool concept ! looks futuristic !

  5. avatar Aphosno says:

    This watch is hot! Very futuristic and a bit **** too :D You should try to sell that design anders! If not here, then anywhere else. I like the sporty look and I would wear that when jogging. The modular system is very clever!

  6. avatar Alex says:

    You could also have it monitor heart rate as it’s on the wrist. Would be pretty useful for training.

    • avatar Anders S says:

      Oh yes, I thought about that when I was drawing it, but then it slipped my mind when I wrote the description… Figures…=)

  7. avatar said says:

    Hey Anders! Very nice! A bit steam punk! or neo steam punk maybe, I m not sure! haha
    mm I love that but I m not quite sure to understand how to read the time on it. I can t see the 12 hours bars…

  8. avatar IamGo says:

    very futuristic ! I can see people wearing this as a jogging glove of some sort with the time and mp3 built in . I think the gps and phone might be a little much but pulse reader would be neat and the band around the wrist can double as a sweat band under.. very future jogger status

    • avatar IamGo says:

      i forgot to mention I love the concept on reading time its very easy to understand I got it pretty quick and looks real clean

  9. avatar The Swan says:

    I could see this apparatus beying made from a neoprene like fabric. it would give it the elasticity you need around the wrist and knuckles while retaining the tension needed to support the removeable watch/music functions.

    I love the overall concept though. it doesn’t get in the way and is convenient for use while working out or lifting weights. You’ll never lose track of time during your workout again. haha.

    I might consider a wireless functionality with the version you show with a music capability. this would eliminate the need for a wire to run from your hand to your ears. the downside would be that I assume there would be a price hike involved with the added functionality.

  10. avatar Clark Lupine says:

    Very nice design indeed… Incredible. A very original design, the way it fits on two fingers and the wrist is highly exciting. The price may be an issue, however, with all the tech in it? I’d be happy with just the clock, if it lowered the (potential) price.

  11. avatar Lakshmi says:

    I like it. It seems very light in weight. I would love to use it for working out or jogging etc. The only thing is can one take it apart to clean it? Also is it bluetooth compliant?

  12. avatar Ryusaki says:

    very cool, hope, they made it soon to sell, before I get to old to wear it

  13. avatar Fantasmatic says:

    As a design it’s great. Would I buy it? No. Would others buy it? I’m sure plenty would!