Starcraft Pocket Watch Design

Design submitted by Andreas from Germany.

Andreas says: “Watching the starcraft 2 trailer I saw Arcturus looking at his pocket watch. I liked the idea of a pocket watch, because nowadays watches are again more a lifestyle object than a necessity. I don’t like the old antique design style, so i decided to build my own. The result is a steam/cyber/retro punk pocket watch.”

The design is quite simple: 12 leds show the hour, the two digits 7  show minutes. Steampunk or cyberpunk enthusiasts would love this and anyone who enjoys the elegance of a pocket watch combined with the unique experience of old tradition and modern technology will be a fan.

Kudos to Andreas for creating a working mock-up. We love the effort that has clearly gone into this design. How would you like to see this concept developed – let Andreas know your thoughts and maybe he can come back with a redevelopment.

7 thoughts on “Starcraft Pocket Watch Design

  1. Hallo Andreas, tolle Sache! (Just a german to german thing at first 🙂 ) You made your own digital pocket watch!

    I like the simplicity of this design. The layout is a bit unbalanced (circular arranged rectangles forming a star shape vs big rectangle; the diagonal placement is not mine and the big LED-less area is too big, but that’s just taste)

    It is definitely worth a redevelopment!!! Imagine this with well integrated LEDs! Putting the minutes in the middle and letting the hours be on the big circle… ah, I just realize, that’s to traditional. It’s better to keep it that way. Maybe centering hours and minutes for some symmetry? You see, your real watch makes me thiiiink!

    I like the screws, they have to be in the redeveloped version! The circularly (?) structured metal is just made for such a watch – looks cool.

    I think you touch the flair of Tokyoflash watches.


  2. Although Andreas is the “Art Brut” and I think it’s pretty awesome.
    Unlike Sam, I appreciate very much, I do not touch anything, it’s perfect (the implementation details will change slightly, but all is surprising and successful)

    Metal and LEDs, I love it!


  3. Bravo, Andreas, for actually making something! Making it with your own hands is much more impressive than just drawing it on a computer, I think (being one who can only draw on a computer). My personal preference would be to see less empty space on the case, either by adding more LEDs or making what you have fit more tightly into a smaller case.


  4. Very nice, I’m a huge fan of the steampunk look and I must say that I really do like the simplistic/futuristic design of this watch. The ring of rectangular lights reminds me of the sun. Great job man!


  5. Wow! Amazing Andreas! You actually did that yourself?? Really impressive!
    Just wondering, is your job Bombe maker ? No, just kidding! As Austin said, it does look like steam punk and I love that part! Maybe you should try to make it rusty a bit 😉


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