Zulu watch inspired by Tribal themes

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Zulu : inspired by the wooden / animal hide oval shields carried by Zulu Warriors in to battle. Constructed in either IP, Gold, Sienna, Sandal Wood, Silver or Bone effect Acetate with a choice of fake leather Straps: Black Croc, Brown Rattle Snake, Albino Boa. limited Edition straps have a  additional embossed Details or Animal pattern detailed Strip: See Diagrams.

The Hours 1-23 / Months 1:Jan-12:Dec are displayed using a  Bar Graph in the center of the display with the 24th Bar representing the shift from AM to PM, LED bars active Bottom to Top in each Column. Surround this is a oval shaped analogue binary dial displaying single minutes / Days: 1-4. This followed by a second oval analogue /binary the displays the 5 minutes: 05-60 / Days:05-30.

This design is aimed at bohemian, back packers & people who like tribal jewellery. And maybe Crocodile Dundee, Lol

The whole of the Zulu wrist watch is tribal themed: watch case shape, display , Fake leather Straps & African Tribal music Themed Alarm Sounds. All these element combined make this design unique. Allowing the wearer to unleash their inner Warrior.

8 thoughts on “Zulu watch inspired by Tribal themes

  1. The shield design with the 24 markers, combined with the material options is the strong point for me with this concept.
    The minute reading, using the borders, seems to over-complicate it a bit.

    Using the oval & 24 markers there are already ways to tell the time completely. For example; the left column 1-12 going up, 13-23 going down. Right column 5-55, top light split into 4 (or use shield)

    I love the bold iconic layout from the centre & creatively use of the material ideas, (snake, wood, leopard etc) I think is enough. I like the coloured buttons too.


    • Cheers TF for posting another of my concepts. I decided that I wanted to create a tribal wristwatch & began by Research tribal shield then I experimenting with an oval shaped watch case & Zulu was the result. The Control Buttons are actually LED Back lit as you will notice that they are the same color as the LED increments . I may this concept a little bit more complex than it needed to be & your suggestions for the LED display may work better than mine.


  2. I find it tricky to get excited about the theme as Im more of a futuristic kinda guy. That said I could imagine this looking quite nice in the right combination of materials. I agree with Toky that it looks a little busy. There seem to be a lot of illuminated elements that make it trickier to read. I think that if it was simpler and the gaps between the various illuminated parts were bigger it would help with clarity. There is potential here I think! Best of luck! 😀


    • I know that you prefer more futuristic styled watch people only have to look at your various watch submissions.
      I tried to make sure I used both metal case & natural looking Materials: Straps that would emphasize the Tribal Theme. I agree that the Size of the LED increments could be increased to make this display easier to read & it could be a little less Busy. Thanks for your honest input & support Pete.


  3. I like the concept.
    The display probably needs a bit of tweaking before I can read it easily, though. Te minutes work for me, but the hours are the problem. As Pete knows, I struggle with large numbers unless there is a way to quickly read without having to count small blocks. This can be by breaks after every 3rd hour or for these to be different (colour, shading or even shape).
    Also, don’t really need the PM marker with a 24 hour display. Maybe use this for some other purpose.
    I don’t think it would take much to make this great, so you have my vote and good luck.


    • I see that you approve of the Minute Analogue dial/s LED’s but you feel that the Graphical / Bar Display could be better spaced out. Well I can see that making the Display clearer & easier for people to read correctly. However I wanted to make sure that the hours / months LED bar graph increment reassembled the tribal Stitching on a Zulu warrior’s Animal Hide Shield, which is the Basis of This concept. Furthermore I realize that the PM indicator is perhaps not required but I wanted make the number of bars in each Hour / Month Column were Equal: 12 Per Column.


    • Great Idea Patrick. The three hour Spacing you suggest would make the hourly / monthly bar graph much easier to read. Furthermore cheers for the 5 Star Vote.


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